Message from the future WE MADE IT!

Description:A JOURNEY INTO OUR NEAR FUTUREThis science-fiction book is not about a dystopian future where humans have to fight for survival. Quite the contrary, it is about a bright future […]

The Formation of Buddhist Repentance

Repentance is an important form of practice in Buddhism. Repentance cere-monies were gradually incorporated into the religious lifestyle of Chinese Buddhists following the transmission and translation of ideas concerning re-pentance […]

My Neighbor’s Stalker

Han Sae-hee’s – 한새희 님의 <이웃집 스토커> “ I like it , that way .” “ I am not .” “ I know .” “ I don’t want the other […]


Cinderella – 신데렐랑郞 The day when an exotic ship drifted and reached Joseon , Youngon Ongju without even seeing Buma’s face I became a blue widow . And five years […]

Where is Ulm in Germany?

Ulm is a city in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, located on the Danube River. The nearby major cities are Augsburg, which is about 70 kilometers to the southeast, Munich, which is 130 […]

Viruses and bacteria, who is worse?

The coronavirus outbreak 2019 (COVID-19) is now at least interesting to read articles or hear more about germs and hygiene care. However, many people may hear the word virus and […]

Icon Destruction in the Byzantine Empire

Iconoclasm is the deliberate destruction within a culture of the culture’s own religious icons and other symbols or monuments, usually for religious or political motives. … The Byzantine term for […]

How to choose the flowers of bees

Toast with jam, vegetable, salad, freshly squeezed juice or coffee They are all food that is obtained with the help of bees. Not only do small insects suck nectar from […]

What is Science?

What is science? It is very interesting to study life stories. Nowadays, science and technology have progressed rapidly. Doctors are able to replace the heart. Scientists can send astronauts and […]

Where is Polynesia?

Polynesia Island in Oceania The Polynesian archipelago is one of the three major island groups in the Pacific Ocean. It is located in Oceania, meaning “multi-island archipelago”. Located in the […]

Where is Wanning City in Hainan?

Wanning, a county-level city in Hainan Province, is located in the southeast of Hainan Island, bordering the South China Sea to the east, Qiongzhong County to the west, Lingshui County […]

Why is Venice called the Water City?

Venice is a well-known tourist and industrial city in northeastern Italy. The city of Venice covers 118 artificial islands in the Venice Lagoon on the Adriatic coast of northeastern Italy […]

Which country is Downing Street in?

Downing Street is located in Westminster, London, the capital of the United Kingdom. For the past 200 years, it has been the residence of important cabinet officials, the Prime Minister […]