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Reckless man begging for joy

Reckless man begging for joyOther names: 莽夫求欢, One of the restless bridesmaids asks for love, Reckless HusbandAuthor: Mo YanGenre: NovelRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Song Xinning entered the Golden Sword Sect to practice martial arts at […]

After the room reversal wins the first

After the room reversal wins the firstOther names: 继室逆转胜 上, Jishi reversal wins overAuthor: Tea SanshanGenre: NovelRelease: 2021Status: Ongoing Description: He is accustomed to the total trust of all soldiers in the army who put […]

The master master can’t be a mortal

The master master can’t be a mortalOther names: 掌门师叔不可能是凡人Author:  Chaos Winter Melon Genre: Novel, Action Release: UnknownStatus: Chapter 747 The best spirit treasure, the new conspiracy of the Celestial Clan Ongoing Description: “The Master […]

Marilyn Likes Lariensa Too Much!

Marilyn Likes Lariensa Too Much!Other names: 마릴린은 라리 엔 사를 너무 좋아해!Author: 지여수 Genre: Novel, Romance, Shoujo Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Marilyn Roner was a friend of the heroine in the novel.‘I’ll do my best […]

Rebirth of Fortune Xiaojun Sister-in-law

Rebirth of Fortune Xiaojun Sister-in-lawOther names: 重生福气小军嫂Author: Qiqi’s CatGenre: Novel, Modern RomanceRelease: 2021Status: 2516 Description: What should I do when I rebirth to 70? Experience a miserable life again?No, I am in charge of my […]

My Observational Diary of Elena Evoy

My Observational Diary of Elena EvoyOther names: 일레나 에보이 관찰일지, Elena Evoy Observation DiaryAuthor:  Myongcho Genre: Novel, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo Release: 2021Status: Ongoing Description: It was no doubt that Johann would be […]

Hundreds of tricks to chase his wife overnight

Hundreds of tricks to chase his wife overnightOther names: 追妻一夜花招百出, Hundreds of tricks to chase his wife overnight, Chasing his wife all nightAuthor: Shi XiuGenre: NovelRelease: 2021Status: 6 Ongoing Description: Stubborn women don’t eat hard […]

Open the journal to: I drove a helicopter

Open the journal to: I drove a helicopterOther names: 开学报到:我开了一架直升机Author:  Baiyutang Genre: Novel, Urban Life Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: At the beginning of the freshman year, Lin Chen unexpectedly won the golden finger, completed […]

Starfish and lion

Starfish and lionOther names: 海星与狮子, The BestAuthor: Guo Ni Genre: Novel, Romance Novel Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: “A school is a school, and society is a society!” The unknown future struck without notice. Yes, the […]

Alphabet puzzle case

Alphabet puzzle case (When you faintly feel that something is wrong, lethal malice is creeping in)Alternative name: 字母表谜案Author: [日] Seiichiro OyamaGenre: FictionPublication Date: 2021-05Page (Chapter):Language: English Introduction: A mysterious apartment where […]

Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun

Twilight Saga: Midnight SunOther names:  暮光之城:午夜陽光, Midnight Sun (Twilight #5)Author: Stephanie. MelGenre: Novel, Science Fiction, Fantasy NovelRelease: 2021/01/29Status: Ongoing Description: I can see how easy it is to fall in love with Bella, it […]

Tempting His Wife into His Embrace: President’s In-depth Spoils

Tempting his wife into his arms: the president’s deep pamperingOther names: 诱妻入怀:总裁深度宠Author: Ye PingGenre: Novel, RomanceRelease: 2021Status: 1246 Ongoing Description: On the first night of the wedding, Ye Weixi hesitated: “That…my aunt is here…” Ye […]

God of War Princess: Evil King, come hard

God of War Princess: Evil King, come hardOther names: 战神枭妃:邪王,来硬的Author: Zhan QiyeGenre: NovelRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: She is the world’s top secret agent god of war, hot body, shocking face, black belly, cruel, ruthless, and […]

Cut Out Negativity

Cut Out NegativityOther names: –Author: Simen LoveGenre: Psychology Books Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Positive people can help you achieve your dreams while negative people seize such dreams from you. Being positive is associated with several […]

Introduction to Bashu Food Culture

Among the folk customs of Bashu, its unique food culture is world-renowned. Among them, the custom of drinking tea is an important part of the Bashu culture. Sichuan teahouses, which […]

Beauty on Two Sides: Ex-husband, do you still have the appointment?

Beauty on Two Sides: Ex-husband, do you still have the appointment?Other names: 双面佳人:前夫,还约吗?Author: Shimizu a demonGenre: Novel, Modern RomanceRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: [President Mengbao/Revenge/Sweet first after abuse] In order to get revenge, he gambled with […]

The world where you and I are so close

The world where you and I are so closeOther names: 我和你差之微毫的世界Author: BeiQingGenre: Novel, Romance Novels Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Do you understand? The kind of love where one person is the center of the world. […]