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E-sports god loves me secretly

E-sports god loves me secretlyOther names: 电竞大神暗恋我Author: Zhan Qi Shao Genre: Novel, Romance Release: UnknownStatus: 1621 Description: Three years ago, the Emperor League disintegrated, and Mo Bei, a game genius, retired in a low-key manner. […]

Entertainment Queen: Exclusive Unspoken Rules

Entertainment Queen: Exclusive Unspoken RulesOther names: 娱乐女皇:独家潜规则Author:  Xiao Dami Genre: Novel, RomanceRelease: 2021Status: Ongoing Description: “Entertainment Queen: Exclusive Unspoken Rules” is a modern romantic style novel written by Xiao Dami. The protagonists Xu Yiqing […]

Exquisite Wolf Heart – 玲珑狼心

Exquisite Wolf Heart – 玲珑狼心 Other name: Ling Long Lang Xin, The Double-Sided Girl, The Wolf PrincessGenre(s): Historical, Comedy, Romance, FantasyRelease: Feb 15, 2021 – Mar 10, 2021 Episode(s): 24 […]

Edo Moiselle – 江戸モアゼル

Edo Moiselle Other name: Edomoiselle, Edo Moiselle: Reiwa de Koi, Itashinsu, 江戸モアゼル~令和で恋、いたしんす。~, 江戸モアゼル Genre: Historical, Romance, FantasyRelease: Jan 7, 2021 – Feb 25, 2021 Episode: 10 Country: JapanBroadcast: NTV Cast: […]

100% Era – 백프로시대

100% Era – 백프로시대 Other name: baekpro era, 백프로시대 : 접촉을 회피한 일류들, 백프로시대Genre(s): Friendship, School, YouthRelease: Jan 7, 2021 – Feb 25, 2021 Episode(s): 8 Country: South KoreaLanguage: Korean […]

Emperor Qian Long

Emperor Qian LongOther names: 乾隆皇帝Author: Er YueheGenre: Novel, Historical Novels Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: “Emperor Qianlong” describes the death of Yongzheng, and Qianlong succeeded to the throne at the age of twenty-five. He has great […]

Emperor Yongzheng

Emperor YongzhengOther names: 雍正皇帝Author: Er Yuehe Genre: Novel, Historical Novels Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: “Emperor Yongzheng” describes the little-known life of the Qing court, but it is not confined to the small Forbidden City. Elder […]

Meet the crying ghost at the corner

Encountered a crying ghost at the cornerOther names: 转角遇到爱哭鬼, Meet the crying ghost at the cornerAuthor: Mu Feng Genre: Novel, Romance Novels Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: cry? trouble! woman? big trouble! And the woman is […]


Emperor Other names: 亘古大帝Author: Chen Hui Genre: Novel, FantasyRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Thousands of years ago, Lin Yan proclaimed the emperor one day and suppressed the emperor of the Monster Race, but was beheaded […]

Embers Ad Infinitum

Embers Ad InfinitumOther names: 长夜余火Author: Cuttlefish That Loves Diving,爱潜水的乌贼Genre: Novel, Fantasy, Sci-fi Release: 2020Status: Ongoing Description: In this latest work by Lord of the Mysteries author, Cuttlefish That Loves Diving, be prepared for a well-thought […]

Emperor Shao Sweet Marriage: Reborn Wife Is Not Good

Emperor Shao Sweet Marriage: Reborn Wife Is Not GoodOther names: 帝少甜婚:重生萌妻不太乖, The Emperor’s SweetnessAuthor: Lu YaoyaoGenre: Novel, RomanceRelease: 2019Status: Ongoing Description: In the previous life, Ye Ling was beaten to death by Mo Lengqing. Once […]

Emperor’s Domination

Emperor’s DominationOther names: Đế Bá, 帝霸Author:  厌笔萧生, Yan Bi Xiao Sheng Genre: Novel, Xuanhuan, Adventure, Mature, Mystery, Harem, Fantasy, Action, Martial Arts Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: A boy that was imprisoned for millions of […]

Ever Ever After

Ever Ever AfterOther names: EEA, Ever Ever After 소설Author:  Lee Bora Genre: Novel, Drama, Ecchi, Historical, Josei, Mature, Romance Release: 2019Status: Ongoing Description: Aelia Elgar Ilyanna, she met her death by the hands of […]

Ending Maker

Ending MakerOther names: 엔딩메이커Author:  Chwiryong,취룡 Genre: Novel, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Ending Maker, Two heroes of the game Legend of Heroes 2 that were rotten water.Kang Jin-ho […]

Empress Doctor Phoenix: Tsundere tyrant, strong pet!

Empress Doctor Phoenix: Tsundere tyrant, strong pet! (After the Divine Doctor Phoenix)Other names: 神医凰后:傲娇暴君,强势宠!(神医凰后)Author: Su XiaonuanGenre: Romance NovelsRelease: 2020Status: Chapter 4257 Finale Description: She, a 21st century ace agent, a genius girl abandoned by […]

End of the Magic Era

End of the Magic EraOther names: Throne Of The Apocalypse, 末法王座Author:  Zhuang Bifan, 庄毕凡 Genre:  Fantasy, Action, Drama, Adventure Release: UpdatingStatus: Ongoing Description: The world that nurtured the civilization which reached the pinnacle […]

Every world is falling apart

Every world is falling apartOther names: 每个世界都在崩Author: Walnut FruitGenre: NovelRelease: 2019Status: 257 Description: Next to the file [“Bai Yueguang is killed by the scumbag [Quick Pass]” I heard that you are a scumbag, but I […]

Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Evil Prince, Come Play With MeOther names: 妖妃勾勾缠:邪王,过来玩Author:  洛日 Genre: Novel, Josei, Xianxia, Drama, Romance, Action, Fantasy Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Gu Bailu has transmigrated. She was in Dubai one second ago, but the […]