Chinese Vocabulary Term K

Vocabulary Term K 卡通 卡通 ka3tong1 kǎtōng cartoon 开采 開采 kai1cai3 kāicǎi extract ore or some other natural resource from a mine 开除 開除 kai1chu2 kāichú expel; to discharge; to kick out 开阔 開闊 kai1kuo4 kāikuò wide; open (spaces) 开朗 開朗 kai1lang3 kāilǎng outgoing and cheerful; optimistic; carefree; spacious and well-lit 开明 開明 kai1ming2 kāimíng enlightened; open-minded 开辟 開辟 kai1pi4 kāipì open up; to start; to build 开拓 開拓 kai1tuo4 kāituò break new ground (for agriculture); development 开展 開展 kai1zhan3 kāizhǎn begin to develop; to launch 开支 開支 kai1zhi1 kāizhī expenditures; pay; expenses 刊登 刊登 kan1deng1 kāndēng publish in a … Continue reading Chinese Vocabulary Term K

Chinese Vocabulary Term H

Vocabulary Term H 嗨 嗨 hai1 hāi hey/hi (loanword); oh; alas; 海拔 海拔 hai3ba2 hǎibá height above sea level; elevation 海滨 海濱 hai3bin1 hǎibīn shore; seaside 含糊 含糊 han2hu hánhu unclear; vague; unsure 含义 含義 han2yi4 hányì implied meaning; connotation 寒暄 寒暄 han2xuan1 hánxuān exchanging conventional greetings; winter and summer 罕见 罕見 han3jian4 hǎnjiàn rare; rarely seen; peculiar 捍卫 捍衛 han4wei4 hànwèi defend; uphold; safeguard 行列 行列 hang2lie4 hángliè procession; ranks; queue 航空 航空 hang2kong1 hángkōng aviation 航天 航天 hang2tian1 hángtiān space flight 航行 航行 hang2xing2 hángxíng to sail; to fly 毫米 毫米 hao2mi3 háomǐ millimeter 毫无 毫無 hao2 wu2 … Continue reading Chinese Vocabulary Term H

Chinese Vocabulary Term G

Vocabulary Term G 改良 改良 gai3liang2 gǎiliáng improve; to reform 钙 鈣 gai4 gài calcium 盖章 蓋章 gai4zhang1 gàizhāng affix one’s seal; seal; stamp 干旱 幹旱 gan1han4 gānhàn drought; dry 干扰 幹擾 gan1rao3 gānrǎo interfere; obstruction 干涉 幹涉 gan1she4 gānshè interfere; intervene; meddle 干预 幹預 gan1yu4 gānyù meddle; intervene; intervention 尴尬 尴尬 gang1a4 gāngà awkward; embarrassed 感慨 感慨 gan3kai3 gǎnkǎi lament; with a tinge of emotion or regret 感染 感染 gan3ran3 gǎnrǎn infection; infect; influence 干劲 幹勁 gan4jin4 gànjìn enthusiasm; energy; drive 纲领 綱領 gang1ling3 gānglǐng program; guiding principle 岗位 崗位 gang3wei4 gǎngwèi a post; a job 港口 港口 gang3kou3 … Continue reading Chinese Vocabulary Term G

Chinese Vocabulary Term F

Vocabulary Term F 发布 發布 fa1bu4 fābù issue; announce; release 发财 發財 fa1 cai2 fā cái get rich 发呆 發呆 fa1dai1 fādāi stare blankly; daze off 发动 發動 fa1dong4 fādòng to start; to launch; mobilize 发觉 發覺 fa1jue2 fājué discover; detect 发射 發射 fa1she4 fāshè to launch; to shoot (a projectile); to fire (a rocket) 发誓 發誓 fa1shi4 fāshì to vow; to pledge; swear 发行 發行 fa1xing2 fāxíng publish; to issue; distribute 发炎 發炎 fa1yan2 fāyán become inflamed from infection or injury 发扬 發揚 fa1yang2 fāyáng develop; make full use of; to carry on 发育 發育 fa1yu4 fāyù develop; growth … Continue reading Chinese Vocabulary Term F

Chinese Vocabulary Term E

Vocabulary Term E 额外 額外 e2wai4 éwài extra; added; additional 恶心 惡心 e3xin ěxin disgusting; nauseous; make somebody embarrassed (èxīn: bad/vicious habit; vice) 恶化 惡化 e4hua4 èhuà worsen; deteriorate 遏制 遏制 e4zhi4 èzhì keep within limits; contain; restrain; hold back 恩怨 恩怨 en1yuan4 ēnyuàn grievance; old rivalry; mixture of gratitude and resentment 而已 而已 er2yi3 éryǐ that’s all; nothing more 二氧化碳 二氧化碳 er4yang3hua4tan4 èryǎnghuàtàn carbon dioxide; CO2 Continue reading Chinese Vocabulary Term E

Chinese Vocabulary Term D

Vocabulary Term D 搭 搭 da1 dā to erect; to build; travel by (car, plane, etc.); to hang; to join 搭档 搭檔 da1dang4 dādàng team up; cooperate; work together 搭配 搭配 da1pei4 dāpèi pair up; arrange in pairs; to add sth. into a group; to suit 达成 達成 da2 cheng2 dá chéng to reach (an agreement); achieve 答辩 答辯 da2bian4 dábiàn reply (to an accusation) 答复 答複 da2fu4 dáfù to answer; to reply 打包 打包 da3bao1 dǎbāo get a doggy bag (at a restaurant); pack up 打官司 打官司 da3 guan1si dǎ guānsi go to court 打击 打擊 da3ji1 dǎjī to … Continue reading Chinese Vocabulary Term D

Chinese Vocabulary Term C

Vocabulary Term C 才干 才幹 cai2gan4 cáigàn ability; competence 财富 財富 cai2fu4 cáifù wealth; riches; fortune 财务 財務 cai2wu4 cáiwù financial affairs 财政 財政 cai2zheng4 cáizhèng public finances; financial 裁缝 裁縫 cai2feng cáifeng tailor; dressmaker 裁判 裁判 cai2pan4 cáipàn judge; to referee; judgment 裁员 裁員 cai2yuan2 cáiyuán cut staff; lay off employees 采购 采購 cai3gou4 cǎigòu make purchases for an organization; go shopping 采集 采集 cai3ji2 cǎijí gather; collect 采纳 采納 cai3na4 cǎinà accept; adopt 彩票 彩票 cai3piao4 cǎipiào lottery; lottery ticket 参谋 參謀 can1mou2 cānmóu advisor; give advice 参照 參照 can1zhao4 cānzhào consult a reference; refer to (another document) … Continue reading Chinese Vocabulary Term C

Chinese Vocabulary Term B

Vocabulary Term B 巴不得 巴不得 ba1bu4de2 bābùdé eagerly look forward to; earnestly wish; be only too anxious to 巴结 巴結 ba1jie bājie to fawn on; curry favor with 扒 扒 ba1 bā dig up; pull down; take off 疤 疤 ba1 bā scar 拔苗助长 拔苗助長 ba2miao2zhu4zhang3 bámiáozhùzhǎng (literally) help shoots grow by pulling them out; spoil things by excessive enthusiasm 把关 把關 ba3 guan1 bǎ guān guard a pass; check on 把手 把手 ba3shou bǎshou knob; handle; grip 罢工 罷工 ba4 gong1 bà gōng to strike; go on strike 霸道 霸道 ba4dao4 bàdào overbearing; despotic hegemony; rule by force; (of … Continue reading Chinese Vocabulary Term B

Chinese Pronunciation

Chinese language thatsome people do not know that Chinese is divided into 2 types as Chinese and Taiwanese. In Taiwan, they still use the traditional Chinese or full Chinese character style. By using the Zhuyin (注音) system in spelling.  In China, they makes it easy to learn Chinese on learning by use Pinyin (拼音) or use the Roman alphabet as a symbol for spelling. This system is easy to learn Chinese than Zhuyin system. Use “Pinyin (拼音)” is  to help you read Chinese pronunciation correctly. Chinese Pronunciation have two parts which are initials and finals. Initials is shēnɡ mǔ (consonant) and finals is yùn mǔ (vowels).  There are Pinyin elements as  1. … Continue reading Chinese Pronunciation

Dream Dictionary Terms B

B To see the letter B in your dream is a pun on “to be”. Perhaps the dream is telling you to “let it be”. Baboon To see a baboon in your dream suggests that you need to be more expressive in your feelings. You need to be more direct in telling others how you feel. On the hand, it could be saying that you are expressing yourself in an inappropriate manner. In particular, dreaming of a white baboon means that you are completely devoid of emotions. Baby To see a baby in your dream signifies innocence, warmth and new … Continue reading Dream Dictionary Terms B

Dream Dictionary Terms A

A– The letter A in a dream represents superiority, dominance, and leadership. Doing every single thing to be powerful. Aardvark – To see an aardvark in your dream indicates that you are being very secretive and cautious about your business. Abalone Shell – To dream of an abalone shell represents something in your life that’s unique, that’s just for you, or that no one else can have. Abandoned House – To dream of an abandoned house represents belief systems, ways of living, or relationships that have been discarded. It may also reflect abandoned ideas or a future you planned for … Continue reading Dream Dictionary Terms A