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Chinese Vocabulary Term J

Vocabulary Term J 讥笑 譏笑 ji1xiao4 jīxiào sneer at; deride 饥饿 饑餓 ji1’e4 jī’è hunger; hungry; starve 机动 機動 ji1dong4 jīdòng motorized; mobile; flexible 机构 機構 ji1gou4 jīgòu structure; organization; […]

Chinese Vocabulary Term H

Vocabulary Term H 嗨 嗨 hai1 hāi hey/hi (loanword); oh; alas; 海拔 海拔 hai3ba2 hǎibá height above sea level; elevation 海滨 海濱 hai3bin1 hǎibīn shore; seaside 含糊 含糊 han2hu hánhu […]

Chinese Vocabulary Term G

Vocabulary Term G 改良 改良 gai3liang2 gǎiliáng improve; to reform 钙 鈣 gai4 gài calcium 盖章 蓋章 gai4zhang1 gàizhāng affix one’s seal; seal; stamp 干旱 幹旱 gan1han4 gānhàn drought; dry […]

Chinese Vocabulary Term F

Vocabulary Term F 发布 發布 fa1bu4 fābù issue; announce; release 发财 發財 fa1 cai2 fā cái get rich 发呆 發呆 fa1dai1 fādāi stare blankly; daze off 发动 發動 fa1dong4 fādòng […]

Chinese Vocabulary Term E

Vocabulary Term E 额外 額外 e2wai4 éwài extra; added; additional 恶心 惡心 e3xin ěxin disgusting; nauseous; make somebody embarrassed (èxīn: bad/vicious habit; vice) 恶化 惡化 e4hua4 èhuà worsen; deteriorate 遏制 […]

Chinese Vocabulary Term D

Vocabulary Term D 搭 搭 da1 dā to erect; to build; travel by (car, plane, etc.); to hang; to join 搭档 搭檔 da1dang4 dādàng team up; cooperate; work together 搭配 […]

Chinese Vocabulary Term C

Vocabulary Term C 才干 才幹 cai2gan4 cáigàn ability; competence 财富 財富 cai2fu4 cáifù wealth; riches; fortune 财务 財務 cai2wu4 cáiwù financial affairs 财政 財政 cai2zheng4 cáizhèng public finances; financial 裁缝 […]

Chinese Vocabulary Term B

Vocabulary Term B 巴不得 巴不得 ba1bu4de2 bābùdé eagerly look forward to; earnestly wish; be only too anxious to 巴结 巴結 ba1jie bājie to fawn on; curry favor with 扒 扒 […]

Chinese Consonant

There are 23 Initials in Pinyin System they are: b (波), p (破), m (摸), f (佛), d (大), t (他), n (那), l (拉), g (哥), k (科), h […]

Chinese Pronunciation

Chinese language thatsome people do not know that Chinese is divided into 2 types as Chinese and Taiwanese. In Taiwan, they still use the traditional Chinese or full Chinese character style. […]

Dictionary of Business Terms

Business Dictionary Terms: Business Dictionary Terms A Business Dictionary Terms B Business Dictionary Terms C Business Dictionary Terms D Business Dictionary Terms E Business Dictionary Terms F Business Dictionary Terms […]

Dream Dictionary Terms B

B To see the letter B in your dream is a pun on “to be”. Perhaps the dream is telling you to “let it be”. Baboon To see a baboon […]

Dream Dictionary Terms A

A– The letter A in a dream represents superiority, dominance, and leadership. Doing every single thing to be powerful. Aardvark – To see an aardvark in your dream indicates that […]

Dictionary of Dream Terms

Dream Dictionary Terms: Dream Dictionary Terms A Dream Dictionary Terms B Dream Dictionary Terms C Dream Dictionary Terms D Dream Dictionary Terms E Dream Dictionary Terms F Dream Dictionary Terms […]

Medical Dictionary Terms Z

Z zonules: Thin, gelatinous ligaments that attach the lens to the ciliary body and support the lens centrally behind the pupil. zoonotic disease: An infectious disease that is transmissible under normal conditions […]

Medical Dictionary Terms Y

Y YAG capsulotomy: A laser technique to correct blurred vision caused by cloudiness that may develop in the skin of the cataract left in the eye after cataract surgery; a laser […]

Medical Dictionary Terms W

W wall stress: Force on the wall of the heart muscle caused by pressure inside the heart’s pumping chamber; excessive wall stress can impair the heart’s ability to pump and increase […]

Medical Dictionary Terms V

V vaccination: A method of protecting the body against disease by injecting parts or all of a microorganism that will cause the body to develop antibodies against the microorganism and later […]

Medical Dictionary Terms U

U ulcer: A break in the skin or other surface that often occurs along with inflammation, infection, or cancerous growth. ultrasound: A painless, noninvasive imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves. unopposed […]