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Dictionary of Business Terms

Business Dictionary Terms: Business Dictionary Terms A Business Dictionary Terms B Business Dictionary Terms C Business Dictionary Terms D Business Dictionary Terms E Business Dictionary Terms F Business Dictionary Terms G Business […]

Dictionary of Dream Terms

Dream Dictionary Terms: Dream Dictionary Terms A Dream Dictionary Terms B Dream Dictionary Terms C Dream Dictionary Terms D Dream Dictionary Terms E Dream Dictionary Terms F Dream Dictionary Terms G Dream […]

Medical Dictionary Terms U

U ulcer: A break in the skin or other surface that often occurs along with inflammation, infection, or cancerous growth. ultrasound: A painless, noninvasive imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves. unopposed estrogen: Estrogen taken […]

Medical Dictionary Terms S

S sacroiliitis: Inflammation of the sacroiliac joints, which connect the lower spine to the pelvis. sacrum: The larger triangular bone at the base of the spine. SAD: Abbreviation for seasonal affective disorder, sadness and depression […]

Medical Dictionary Terms Q

Q quadriplegia: Paralysis of all limbs, often caused by a severe neck injury. quantitative computed tomography: A modification of computed tomography that provides measurements of bone mass as well as an image. quarantine: A period […]

Medical Dictionary Terms P

P pacemaker, artificial: A small electronic device generally placed in the chest to correct an irregular heartbeat. It generates small electrical pulses that prompt the heart to beat at a normal pace. pacemaker, […]

Medical Dictionary Terms M

M macrocytic anemia: The presence of larger-than-normal red blood cells in circulation—even though there are too few of them—caused by lack of folate and vitamin B12. macronutrients: Substances that provide energy and that the […]