Get to know Khan Academy

Founder: Salman KhanEstablished: 2007Headquarters: Mountain View, California, AmericaChief Executive Officer: Salman Khan (Sep 2009–)Value: 60.63 million USD (2014)Revenue: 15.8 million USD (2012) Khan Academy is a non-profit organization and a website for disseminating learning materials in schools, colleges, universities, or those interested in general Including science, math, … Continue reading Get to know Khan Academy

Walk the Mind … Four Ways to Consciously

Dharma narrated by Phra Mahaworaphon Kittiwaro (Por.Por. 6) Vipassana Training Course “Walk the Mind … Four Ways to Consciously” at Wang Taku Temple, Nakhon Pathom Province, 4th time, 5-6 August 2017 Is lucky for life That you all have the opportunity to meet Buddhism Have the opportunity to follow the teachings of the Lord Buddha Dharma practice, suitable for dharma The inheritance of the teachings of the Lord Buddha to the world Is a way to be free from suffering Find true peace Meaning Nirvana As the Lord Buddha had said “Look, all the monks This path is the leading path. Is for the purification of all animals Was to overcome … Continue reading Walk the Mind … Four Ways to Consciously

HSK Vocabulary List Level 1

HSK 1 vocabulary includes the 150 (150 words) required vocabulary words and phrases needed to pass the HSK level 1 test. Follow by: Hanzi Pinyin English (Meaning) 零 líng zero 一 yī one 二 èr two 三 sān three 四 sì four 五 wǔ five 六 liù six 七 qī seven 八 bā eight 九 jiǔ nine 十 shí ten 些 xiē some 个 ge one, a, an 块 kuài piece 本 běn volume 岁 suì year 茶 chá tea 水果 shuǐguǒ fruit 苹果 píngguǒ apple 水 shuǐ water 菜 cài vegetable 米饭 mǐfàn rice 杯子 bēizi cup 家 jiā … Continue reading HSK Vocabulary List Level 1

European History on Middle Ages Story

Beginning in the 4th-15th century, it was the boundary after the Roman Empire collapsed. All actions are dominated by Christianity. Do not act outside of Christian teachings. The Middle Ages are the middle period of the transition process in Western history, namely the Classical, Medieval and Modern. Christianity (Church) – after Constantine Announcing the Romans as a Christian, the church is a spiritual institution and a mediator between God and humans. Effective Systematic And strong Pope Is the most powerful person Can set all policies Including the politics of the early days. The church collaborated with the empire In politics … Continue reading European History on Middle Ages Story