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Category: Entertainment

Mouse: The Predator’ viewing point

Ahead of the release of the special edition drama’Mouse: The Predator’,’Mouse’ gave three more amazing’watching points’. TVN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ is an exciting narrative that bursts with shocking reversals […]

Review and spoilers Godzilla vs Kong

Kong was imprisoned in the dome. On the island of the skull. There is Dr.Andrews as a caretaker and a native girl. My name is Jia, she communicates with Kong […]

The Boonies (2021)

Synopsis:Aaron joins his brother, Jeremy (James Quinn, Checkmate), and a group of his friends for a weekend hiking excursion into the Appalachian woods. Instead of a peaceful weekend getaway, the […]

Malik (2021)

Synopsis:A boy born with wings must hide it from society, until an incident forces him to use them. His orphanage and his love interest are the only ones who know […]


Klam’s – 자야 Because of the betrayal of the twin brothers who saved more than their lives Zahi was sold as a silver empire for the price of rice islands. […]

My Neighbor’s Stalker

Han Sae-hee’s – 한새희 님의 <이웃집 스토커> “ I like it , that way .” “ I am not .” “ I know .” “ I don’t want the other […]


Cinderella – 신데렐랑郞 The day when an exotic ship drifted and reached Joseon , Youngon Ongju without even seeing Buma’s face I became a blue widow . And five years […]