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Category: Chinese Drama

Your Sensibility My Destiny – 公子倾城

Your Sensibility My Destiny – 公子倾城Other names: Gong Zi Qing Cheng, Young Master QingchengGenre(s): Historical, Comedy, Romance, WuxiaRelease: Sep 16, 2021 – Oct 2, 2021 Runtime: Thursday, Friday, SaturdayEpisode(s): 24 […]

My Dear Brothers – 亲爱的吾兄

My Dear Brothers – 亲爱的吾兄 Other name: Qin Ai De Wu Xiong, Chan Ngoi Di Ng Hing, 親愛的吾兄Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Romance, FantasyRelease: Sep 15, 2021 – Oct 22, 2021 Runtime: […]

Our Times – 启航当风起时

Our Times – 启航当风起时 Other name: Set Sail When the Wind Rises, Qi Hang Dang Feng Qi Shi, Wo Men De Shi Dai, 我们的时代, 启航:当风起时Genre(s): Business, Life, Youth, DramaRelease: Sep […]

The Line Watchers – 把關者們

The Line Watchers – 把關者們Other name: Ba Guan Zhe Men, Ba Gwaan Je Mun, 把关者们Genre(s): DramaRelease: Sep 13, 2021 – Oct 16, 2021 Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayEpisode(s): 27 […]

The Kwoks and What – 我家無難事

The Kwoks and What – 我家無難事 Other names: 我家無難事 Genre(s): DramaRelease: Sep 13, 2021 – Oct 15, 2021 Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayEpisode(s): 25 Country: Hong KongBroadcast: TVB Cast: […]

Cute Programmer – 程序员那么可爱

Cute Programmer – 程序员那么可爱Other names: 程序员那么可爱, The Programmer Is So Cute, Cheng Xu Yuan Na Me Ke Ai, 程序员那么可爱Genre(s): Business, Comedy, Romance, DramaRelease: Sep 10, 2021Runtime: Friday, Saturday, SundayEpisode(s): 24Country: China […]

GO Into Your Heart – 舍我其谁

GO Into Your Heart – 舍我其谁Other names: Who To Give Away, If I Can’t Do It, Who Can?, Who But Myself Can Do It?, Chess Love, She Wo Qi Shei, […]

The Justice – 光芒

The Justice – 光芒 Other names: Light, Guang Mang, Gwong MongGenre(s): Business, Romance, Life, DramaRelease: Sep 8, 2021 – Oct 3, 2021 Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, SundayEpisode(s): […]

Master, Wait a Moment – 双面神探

Master, Wait a Moment – 双面神探Other names: Detective A & B, Double-faced Detective, Double Detective, Shuang Mian Shen Tan, 雙面神探Genre(s): Friendship, Thriller, Mystery, ComedyRelease: Sep 7, 2021 – Oct 6, […]

Forever and Ever – 一生一世

Forever and Ever – 一生一世 Other names: Sweet on Series, Love Your Bones Forever, Yisheng Yishi, Yi Sheng Yi Shi, Yi Sheng Yi Shi Mei Ren Gu, 一生一世美人骨Genre(s): Romance, DramaRelease: […]

My Bargain Queen – 我的砍价女王

My Bargain Queen – 我的砍价女王 Other names: The Haggler, Bargain Division, Kan Jia Shi, 砍价师Genre(s): Business, Romance, DramaRelease: Sep 3, 2021 – Sep 25, 2021 Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, […]

The Master of Cheongsam – 一剪芳华

The Master of Cheongsam – 一剪芳华Other name: Yi Jian Fang Hua, Hua Fu Chuan Qi, 华服传奇, 一剪芳華, 華服傳奇Genre(s): Romance, DramaRelease: Aug 31, 2021 – Sep 28, 2021 Runtime: Tuesday, Wednesday, […]

Cry Me A River of Stars – 春来枕星河

Cry Me A River of Stars – 春来枕星河Other name: Chun Lai Zhen Xing He, Sleeping in the Galaxy in SpringGenre(s): Historical, RomanceRelease: Aug 31, 2021 Runtime: TuesdayEpisode(s): 24 Country: ChinaBroadcast: […]

The Priceless – 婆婆的镯子

The Priceless – 婆婆的镯子Other name: Ta Men De Zhuo Zi, 她们的镯子, Po Po De Zhuo Zi, Their Bangle, Mother-in-law’s BangleGenre(s): Romance, Life, FamilyRelease: Aug 30, 2021 – Sep 28, 2021 […]

Love Under the Full Moon – 满月之下请相爱

Love Under the Full Moon – 满月之下请相爱 Other name: Sweet on Series, Please Love Under the Full Moon, Man Yue Zhi Xia Qing Xiang Ai, 滿月之下請相愛Genre(s): Romance, Drama, FantasyRelease: Aug […]

Pandora’s Box – 天目危机

Pandora’s Box – 天目危机 Other name: Third Eye Crisis, Tian Mu Wei JiGenre(s): Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Sci-FiRelease: Aug 25, 2021 – Sep 3, 2021 Runtime: Wednesday, Thursday, FridayEpisode(s): 12 Country: […]

Good and Evil – 百灵潭

Good and Evil – 百灵潭 Other name: Bai Ling Tan, 百靈潭Genre(s): Adventure, Historical, Romance, FantasyRelease: Aug 22, 2021 – Sep 14, 2021 Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, SundayEpisode(s): 32 Country: ChinaBroadcast: Mango […]

Trial Marriage – 试婚99天

Trial Marriage – 试婚99天 –Other name: Love Together, Shi Hun 99 Tian, Trial marriage 99 daysGenre(s): Comedy, RomanceRelease: Aug 20, 2021 Runtime: FridayEpisode(s): 24 Country: ChinaLanguage: Chinese Cast: Chen Ze, […]