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Category: Chinese Drama

Youth Entrepreneurship Manual (2021)

Synopsis: Youth Entrepreneurship Manual (2021) 青春创业手册Luo Li is a smart summer and has always been a domineering figure in college. After graduating from studying abroad, he started a business abroad. Just […]

Never Say Goodbye (TV Series)

Don’t say goodbye – 不說再見 “Never Say Goodbye” starring Ren Jialun, Zhang Junning, Kou Shixun, Zhang Xilin, Liu Enyou, Xiong Naijin, Manifesto, and directed by Yin Fei, the drama tells […]

Forever Love (TV Series)

A Hundred Years is Good, A Word Is Determined “A Hundred Years is Good, A Word Is Determined” is directed by Wen Deguang, starring Wang Anyu and Xiang Hanzhi, starring […]

Dajiang Dahe 2 (TV Series)

“Dajiang Dahe 2” is directed by Li Xue and Huang Wei, and supervised by Kong Sheng. Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Dong Zijian, and Yang Caiyu star in contemporary urban dramas. […]

Ultimate Notes (TV Series)

Introduction to Ultimate Note Online:“Ultimate Notes” is co-directed by Zou Xi, Ma Xiaogang, and Wei Lizhou, starring Zeng Shunxi, Xiao Yuliang, Hanikezi, modern brothers Liu Yuning, Fan Ming, Wang Jinsong, […]

Hidden Dream Chasing Evil (TV series)

Introduction to the plot:A female detective with a sense of justice, Chen Sixin, took office as Jiangcheng, but unexpectedly teamed up with Yuan Bujie (Song Yang), a dream interpreter who […]

Useless Her (2020)

Synopsis:Not all young people who are youthful are full of energy like the sun at 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning. Many times, we will be entangled with the […]

His Royal Highness Wolf (2020)

Synopsis:“His Royal Highness Wolf” is a chivalrous romantic drama directed by Meng Fan and starring popular actors such as Wang Dalu, Li Qin and Xin Zhilei. The play tells the […]

The Best of Times (2020)

Synopsis: A failed bidding for a project lets locomotive designer Lin Zhenyi experience a sense of failure. Her position as the project leader was replaced by an elite overseas returnee, […]

Something Just Like This (2020)

Synopsis:Duan Ran and Qian Xi Xi grew up together but with very different personalities due to the great difference in their family background. XiXi entered the e-commerce industry. Duan Ran […]

No Worries It’s Youth (2020) æ²¡å…³ç³»æ˜¯é’春啊

No Worries It’s Youth (2020)Other Title: 没关系是青春啊 / Mei Guan Xi Shi Qing Chun A / t’s okay to be youth / 沒關係,是青春啊! Genres: Drama, Friendship, Romance, School, YouthEpisodes: 24Country: ChinaDirector: Huo SuiqiangWriter: N/ANetwork: iQiyiRelease Date: Nov […]

Fearless Whispers

Synopsis:After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Gu Yaodong (Li Yifeng), a senior law student who grew up in a Shanghai alley, graduated from university with the ideal of “supporting […]

Face (2020)

Synopsis:The play tells a suspenseful story about identity interchange: Lao Pan, a decadent plastic surgeon, lives repeated boring days every day until an incredible conspiracy strikes. The comatose old Pan […]