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Category: Other Drama

Shadow of Justice – 伙記辦大事

Shadow of Justice – 伙記辦大事Genre(s): DramaRelease: April 12, 2021 – May 23, 2021 Episode(s): 32 Country: Hong KongBroadcast: TVBCast: Weilie, Zhang Guoqiang, He Qinan Introduction: The drama will be revolving […]

The Forgotten Day – 失憶24小時

The Forgotten Day – 失憶24小時 Other name: Say Lie, Shi Yi 24 Xiao Shi, Sat Yik 24 Siu Si, 失忆24小时Genre(s): Action, Mystery, Comedy, SitcomRelease: Feb 15, 2021 – Mar 23, […]

The Runner (2020)

The Runner – 大步走 Genre: Drama, RomanceEpisode: 25Country: Hong KongBroadcast: TVB Cast: Chen Shancong, Yao Ziling, Zhang Dalun, Liu Yingxuan, Luo Tianyu, Chen Ziyao, Hu Nuoyan, Zhao Xiluo, Jiang Zhiguang, […]

The House Arrest of Us (2020)

The House Arrest of Us (2020)Other Title: The House Arrest of Us / THAOU Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family, SitcomEpisodes: 13Country: PhilippinesDirector: N/AWriter: N/ANetwork: ABS-CBNRelease Date: Oct 24, 2020 – Jan 16, 2021Related Show: Cast: Kathryn Bernardo as […]

Al Cappuccino

Al Cappuccino – 反黑路人甲 –Other name: Anti-Triad PasserbyCategory: Hong Kong Drama 2020Genre(s): Comedy, CrimeEpisode(s): 30 Country: Hong KongBroadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese Cast: Vincent Wong, Owen Cheung, David Chiang, Crystal Fung, […]

Love You, Hehe (2020) Labyu Hehe

Love You, Hehe (2020)Other Title: Ampalaya Chronicles Presents – Labyu Hehe , Bitter Melon Chronicles Presents – Love You Hehe , Love You Hehe / Labyu Hehe Genres: drama, Comedy, Romance, Youth, […]

The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter – 降魔的2.0

The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter – 降魔的2.0 Country: Hong KongGenre(s): Drama, Horror, Comedy, SupernaturalEpisode(s): 25 Broadcast: TVB Cast: Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Ram Chiang, Susan Tse, Hubert Wu, Moon Lau SummaryThe […]

Plan “B” – 寶寶大過天

Plan “B” – 寶寶大過天Other name: BB Big Sun, BB大晒Genre(s): Comedy, FamilyRelease: Jun 14, 2021 – Jul 16, 2021 Episode(s): 25 Country: Hong KongBroadcast: TVB Cast: Kenneth Ma, Eliza Sam Introduction: […]

Descendants of the Sun (2020)

Descendants of the Sun (2020)Also known as: Descendants of the Sun: The Philippine Adaptation Genres: Drama, Action, Military, Comedy, Romance, Drama, MedicalEpisodes:Country: PhilippinesDirector: Dominic ZapataWriter:Network: GMARelease Date: February 10, 2020 […]

The Offliners – 堅離地愛堅離地

The Offliners – 堅離地愛堅離地 Other name: The Offliners (堅離地愛堅離地), Stay away from the ground love stay away from the groundCategory: China Drama 2019Genre(s): Business, Comedy, Romance, LifeEpisode(s): 20 Country: Hong KongRelease: November […]

Silence, on joue!

Synopsis:Jouez au jeu télévisé animé par Patrice L’Ecuyer, une adaptation de l’émission américaine Hollywood Game Night. Silence, on joue!Also known as:Country: CanadaEpisodes: 790 (6Season)Genres: TV programDirector:Writer:Air Date: Sep 07, 2015Networks: […]

Chor Lau Heung – 楚留香

Chor Lau Heung – 楚留香 Category: Hong Kong Drama 1979Genre(s): Romance, WuxiaEpisode(s): 65 Country: Hong KongBroadcast: TVB Cast: Adam Cheng, Liza Wang, Angie Chiu Introduction: The 65 episodes long series […]

The Inner Circle – Den inre cirkeln

The Inner CircleOther name: Den inre cirkelnGenre: dramaRelease: 2019Episode: 8Country: SwedishCast: Niklas Engdahl, Nanna Blondell, Ebba Hultkvist Introduction: Adapted from well-known political strategist Per Schlingmann’s novel, this is the story of a number of people […]


Synopsis:Génial! Génial!Also known as:Country: N/AEpisodes: 472 (11Season)Genres: FamilyDirector:Writer:Air Date: Sep 09, 2010Networks: Télé-QuébecStarring: Stéphane Bellavance, Martin Carli

A Child’s Hope

A Child’s HopeOther Title: 孩有明天 / Hai You Ming Tian Genres: drama, Family, romanceEpisodes: 20Country:  SingaporeDirector: Writer: Network: Mediacorp Channel 8Release Date: May, 2003Related Show: Cast: Pat Huang Tay Ping Hui Phyllis Quek Yvonne Lim Florence Tan […]