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Category: Taiwanese Drama

Magic Moment – 粉紅色時光

Magic Moment – 粉紅色時光Other name: Fen Hong Se Shi Guang, Pink Light, 粉红色时光, Magic HourGenre(s): Friendship, Romance, Life, Drama, FamilyRelease: Nov 14, 2020 – Feb 6, 2021 Episode(s): 13 Country: […]

The Devil Punisher – 天巡者

The Devil Punisher – 天巡者 Other name: Skywatcher, Tian Xun Zhe, Skyscanner, The Devil’s PunisherGenre(s): Adventure, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, SupernaturalRelease: Oct 25, 2020 – Mar 7, 2021 Episode(s): 20 Country: […]

Says and Does – 一炎一行

Synopsis:More than just a singer and actor, Aaron Yan has become a spokesman for the greater good. The star of hit dramas, such as “Just You” (2013) and “Refresh Man” […]

Lost Romance (2020) 浪漫輸給你

Lost Romance (2020)Other Title: 浪漫輸給你 / Lang Man Shu Gei Ni / 浪漫输给你 / 霸托总裁爱上我 / Bao Dao Zong Shi Zang Ai Shang Wo / 霸托總裁愛上我 / Lost Romance / 浪漫輸給你 […]

The Ghost Bride – 彼岸之嫁

The Ghost Bride – 彼岸之嫁 Other name: Bi An Zhi Jia Country: TaiwanGenre(s): Thriller, Historical, Mystery, Horror, Drama, Family, SupernaturalRelease: Jan 23, 2020 Runtime: ThursdayEpisode(s): 6 Broadcast: Netflix Director(s): Quek […]

The Wonder Woman (2020) 跟鯊魚接吻

The Wonder Woman (2020)Other Title: 跟鯊魚接吻 / Gen Sha Yu Jie Wen / The Wonder Woman / Shark is Coming / Kissing a shark Genres: drama, Workplace, RomanceEpisodes: 18Country: TaiwanDirector: Zhang Qien, Li JieyuWriter: Guo ChunhuiNetwork: TTVRelease […]

Moonlight Romance (2020) 月老戀習生

Moonlight Romance (2020)Other Title: 月老戀習生 / 月下 / 月下-為愛墜落的祂 / 墜愛 Genres: Drama, Romance, FantasyEpisodes: 24Country: TaiwanDirector:Writer:Network: TVBS, iQiyiRelease Date: Feb 8, 2020 – Jul 18, 2020Related Show: Cast: Amber […]

Light of Cloudy Day 烏陰天的好日子 (2019)

Light of Cloudy Day (2019)Other Title: Good day in Wuyintian / 烏陰天的好日子 Genres: Taiwanese DramaEpisodes: 13Country: TaiwanDirector: Cai YihuaWriter: Huang JingweiNetwork: Hakka TVRelease Date: Oct 21, 2019Related Show: Cast: Enson […]

Dear Mom

Dear Mom Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, ModernEpisode(s): 84 Country: TaiwanLanguage: Taiwanese Cast: Albee Huang, Xiu Jie Kai, Aaron Yan Introduction: The Li family was blessed with not one, but four beloved […]


Synopsis:They are enemies in their professional lives. Chiang Chih Heng (Melvin Sia) is a former mercenary who now is known as “The Bodyguard.” He is the owner of Krisis, a […]

Fall in Love with Me (2014) 愛上兩個我

Fall in Love with MeOther Title: 愛上兩個我 (爱上两个我) / Ai Shang Liang Ke Wo (Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo) Genres: drama, romanceEpisodes: 20Country: TaiwanDirector: Guo Chun Hui (郭春暉)Writer: Zhang Qi En (張綺恩), Li Jie Yu (李婕瑀)Network: TTVRelease […]