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Please Go Home, Akutsu-san!

Description: Ooyama-kun normally doesn’t get involved with Akutsu-san, a delinquent girl in his class, but for some reason she makes his house her hang-out place! Will Ooyama do something horrible to her behind […]

I licked my opponent X my CP

Description: My opponent, Gu Yiliang, the second-line fresh meat, the face of the idol group, the acting skills of the powerful group; myself, Wei Yanzi, the third-line fresh meat, the face of the […]

School Flower Master

Description: Flowers and sisters, beautiful and strong sisters, pure beauty teachers, all cherishing their hugs … Normal high school students, incidentally, get a pen magic, and life has changed since then. Colorful diversity. […]

Gods reborn

Description: Were they angels or demons? Coming out of nowhere like divine wrath on earth, no one knows what these monsters are and why they attack humans. They are called the Djinns. After […]

True Kiss

Description: “You look thirsty.” Sakura hadn’t seen her childhood friend Ryuu in 10 years, but when they reunite, that’s what he says before he hugs her. But then, Ryuu suddenly turns violent! Ryuu, […]

Ghost Crafter

Description: The protagonist Chen Puppy and his father Chen Laogou descend on monsters, rob the tomb and hold the treasure, and go through a series of weird and bizarre events! Ghost CrafterAlternative Name: […]

What the duck?!

Description: Sean always goes with the flow. He accepts that his future will be as ordinary and dull as his whole life before. But after meeting with Feif and her duck under 180 […]

Galaxy Angel 2

Description: The Angels evaded the rebels led by Ionia and finally arrived at “White Moon”, the seat of the Virgin Mary. However, the uneasy shadow has gradually approached… Karasuma Chitose’s successive nightmares, her […]


Apocalypse (Manga)Other Name: 浮生末世录 Genres: manga, AdventureAuthors: B_DarkChapter: 4+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:False life travels in the doomsday, looking for its own meaning. But the ruggedness in capitals is right in front of you, don’t add side missions […]

Jack Su

Jack Su (Manga)Other Name: 狗哥杰克苏 Genres: manga, Adventure bloodAuthors: Dog GejiekesuChapter: 4+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:One is the dog brother who is a domineering president, and the other is the fire that dares to love and hate. What […]