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Iron Rain 2: Summit

Synopsis:Zheng Yusheng and Guo Duyuan talk about appearing in the sequel to [铁雨] directed by Yang Yushuo [铁雨2-Summit Talks] (‘κ°•μ² λΉ„2-μ •μƒνšŒλ‹΄, provisional translation). The sequel will continue [Iron Rain]’s world view, telling the […]


Synopsis:Since childhood, due to his father’s preference for sons, Zhenren (played by Shin Hye-sun) escaped from home when he was in high school and broke up with his family. Zhenren later became […]


Synopsis:“Parasite” tells the story of two families with disparity in status: Song Kanghao’s unemployed father, Ki Ze, sends his eldest son (Cui Woo-sik) who has placed hopes for the family’s life to […]

Poetry (2010)

Synopsis:An elderly lady in her 60’s works as a caregiver for a disabled man & raises her grandson alone. She has to endure the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, through this she tries […]