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Enola Holmes

Synopsis:When her mother mysteriously disappeared on her sixteenth birthday, Enola Holmes asked her brother McCoff and the famous detective Sherlock for help. But Enola quickly realized that the two were more willing […]

The One You Feed

Synopsis:A Stranger finds himself injured and being cared for, by a Man and Woman, who are not your everyday people, in a secluded home that time has somehow forgotten. The One You […]


Synopsis:Telling about the friction between the two cars on the road, the “road venting” escalated: The man played by Crowe couldn’t restrain his anger. He chased the other’s mother and son with […]

Two Ways Home

Synopsis:A young woman living with bipolar disorder struggles to honor her grandfathers last wish while attempting to reunite with her estranged 12-year-old daughter. Two Ways HomeGenres: DramaDirector: Ron VignoneCountry: United StatesActors: Joel […]


Synopsis:Charlie Hannum will star in hand in hand with Jack O’Connell, and Max Winkler (“The Annoying Detective”) writes and directs the new film [Jungleland] (Temporary translation). The film revolves around Stanley and […]