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Category: US-UK Movie

Review and spoilers Godzilla vs Kong

Kong was imprisoned in the dome. On the island of the skull. There is Dr.Andrews as a caretaker and a native girl. My name is Jia, she communicates with Kong […]

The Boonies (2021)

Synopsis:Aaron joins his brother, Jeremy (James Quinn, Checkmate), and a group of his friends for a weekend hiking excursion into the Appalachian woods. Instead of a peaceful weekend getaway, the […]

Chocolate Covered Christmas

Synopsis:Sadie returns home for Christmas after her boyfriend cancels their Holiday plans, only to find out her parents have sold the family business. Begrudgingly Sadie agrees to teach the new […]

Monster Hunter (2020)

Artemis and an elite unit of soldiers to a strange world where powerful monsters rule with deadly ferocity. Faced with relentless danger, the team encounters a mysterious hunter who may […]

Dark World of After Life (2020)

Synopsis:Dark World of After Life reveals the mysteries of the afterlife. It tells the difference between soul, spirit, ghost, devil, and demons. Dark World of After LifeGenres: Horror, Science Fiction, […]

Hannah: And Other Misadventures

Synopsis:Simon, with the help of his two best friends, sets out to find ‘The One’. What he finds instead is a series of absurd romantic misadventures. Hannah: And Other MisadventuresGenres: […]

Corona Depression

Synopsis:A pandemic strikes the world. What does quarantine do to a lonely womans mind? Follow her from sense to insanity. No filters. Just you, her, and her more and more […]

Enola Holmes

Synopsis:When her mother mysteriously disappeared on her sixteenth birthday, Enola Holmes asked her brother McCoff and the famous detective Sherlock for help. But Enola quickly realized that the two were […]

The One You Feed

Synopsis:A Stranger finds himself injured and being cared for, by a Man and Woman, who are not your everyday people, in a secluded home that time has somehow forgotten. The […]


Synopsis:Telling about the friction between the two cars on the road, the “road venting” escalated: The man played by Crowe couldn’t restrain his anger. He chased the other’s mother and […]

Battleship Greyhound

Synopsis: The film tells the story of an escort fleet composed of 37 Allied ships under the command of an American destroyer led by Captain Ernest Klaus (played by Tom […]

Two Ways Home

Synopsis:A young woman living with bipolar disorder struggles to honor her grandfathers last wish while attempting to reunite with her estranged 12-year-old daughter. Two Ways HomeGenres: DramaDirector: Ron VignoneCountry: United […]


Synopsis:Charlie Hannum will star in hand in hand with Jack O’Connell, and Max Winkler (“The Annoying Detective”) writes and directs the new film [Jungleland] (Temporary translation). The film revolves around […]


Monsters Also known as: 怪獸MonstersGenres: Science Fiction Country: Europe and America Director: Garris Edwards Release Date: 2010Starring: Whitney Abbell, Scott McNary Synopsis: Six years ago, NASA observed extraterrestrial civilization, but […]