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Category: Chinese Novel

Don’t Bother Me to Study

Description:Educational discrimination patient Nan Xiang wakes up at night and returns to high school. However, she is no longer a student in the rocket class, she has become a scumbag […]

Huang Chao

Description:After stepping on three scumbag thunders, you finally made up your mind to become a scumbag in the game world, but a sudden accident caused you to cross into the […]

Love Is Sweet

Description:Jiang Jun suffered from tears allergies since she was a child. She and her neighbor Yuan Shuai are childhood sweethearts who grew up together. Since Xiao Jiang Jun has been […]

From Sidekick to Bigshot

Description:Previously, Jian Yiling was the supporting character who was destined to be cannon fodder. However now, with the memories of future events, Jian Yiling who had crossed into the novel […]

The Society of Four Leaves

Description:His hobby is to reason about cases,Especially good at breaking out strange cases such as murder and murder;His zodiac sign is Super Broom Star,There are always conspiracies and murders happening […]

Way Back Into Love

Description:A colleague with a good relationship secretly asked her what relationship she had with the boss.Lu Jia basically told the truth to eliminate the curiosity of his colleagues, “My dad […]

Days of Living With Handsome Brother

Description:After losing part of her memory as a child, Zhuo Yifeng starts to live as Su Muyun’s older sister and has to endure living under the same roof with her […]

G minor March Extra: Spicy Lovers

Description: This girl who appeared suddenly is so beautiful! Hmm, appreciating ## is also a kind of enjoyment. But wait! Why does she hold Hee Jung? ! And Hee Jung […]

Daylight Star

Description:The heroine is ordinary and simple. The heroine is confused and hastily married into a high-ranking family, but both parties have a first love in their hearts. Both the heroine […]

Beauty Since the day

Description:Marry first and love later. She is a cold celibate. In order to consolidate her father’s career, she married. He is the dream lover of thousands of women, in order […]

He is not gentle

Description:I love Xiao Tianwen first after marriage, age difference is 6 years old, so squeamish Bao Xiaogongju vs. Seeing tricks and dismantling high cold scheming master, master master looks at […]

Dark Fire Lingering

Description:Huaijue’s and Xu Jiachi’s marriage was only for the two family business, and they had no feelings. Living under the same roof every day is like a stranger, not to […]