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Category: Variety Show

Stefanie Sunโ€™s 20th Anniversary Live

Synopsis:Stefanie Sunโ€™s 20th Anniversary Live Live Playlist: [1] “Backlight” [2] “Lightening Crashes” covered by Live Band [3] “Same Summer” [4] “Rain Still Falling Down” [5] “Guess “God thinks I’m Abel” […]

Here it is! Dunhuang

Synopsis:This program is the first original panoramic humanity exploration program focusing on Dunhuang in China. The program combines documentary and reality show shooting methods to explore the millennium culture of […]

Going Seventeen

Synopsis: The show on official SEVENTEEN channels which takes us behind the scene of SEVENTEEN’s member. This year the format will also include “Monthly Seventeen” in which a designated member […]

Same Bed, Different Dreams S2-You Are My Destiny

Synopsis:When something happens between a couple, itโ€™s surprising how each personโ€™s interpretation and memory of it differs from the otherโ€™s. By watching the daily life of a celebrity couple that […]

Knowing Bros – ์•„๋Š” ํ˜•๋‹˜

Synopsis:The cast takes questions sent in from viewers and tries to answer them best to their abilities, through dialogue or through experimentation. Knowing Bros – ์•„๋Š” ํ˜•๋‹˜ Also known as:ย  […]

Weekly idol

Synopsis: The main segment of the show, called “Idol of the Week” , features idol groups as the invited guests, and usually consists of several featured corners. Weekly idol Also […]

The Taste of Time

Synopsis:Taste Bud Time Machine is a Chinese food program produced by Singapore U Channel. Hong Kong TVB has introduced a Cantonese version. CH01 Some people continue to improve on the […]