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Category: Romance

End of the World

Synopsis: Zhou Zishu, the leader of the “Skylight”, a spy agency directly belonging to the emperor, was tired of the bloody life and nailed the “Seven Orifices and Three Autumn […]

My servant in Datang is Li Shimin

Synopsis: During the Zhenguan period, Wang Yuan, a high-ranking historical student, came here, but the system took half a year to wake up. It was so boring, he could only […]

Lips On The Tip Of a Knife

Synopsis: The Mad Dog of the Empire, Arne, the strongest knight ever.She is forced to marry at the torch of her parents.“If you don’t like your husband, you have to […]

Friendly Villain

Synopsis: “Each one gets what they need.” I thought she was the savior who would prevent the downfall of the family, but she was an invader. “I gave a choice, […]

Room corner melody

Synopsis: Midas of the music industry hands , olkil unconditionally music charts . Cha Oh-reum is a famous composer and is active in a row . A love call for […]

Boredom and pleasure

Synopsis: The start was a light bet . I thought he was just a passing man Hyunjin gradually shakes the daily life of a bored spirit . “ You’ve been […]

Yeon Hee-dong, Love Letter

Synopsis: Eunjae , the mother house manager in Yeonhui-dong called the Dokebi house . Lee Chan, the man next door , is misunderstood as a friend’s new lover, and is […]

Crown Prince’s Knowledge

Synopsis: The most intimate department of the court that enshrines the night of the master jeon , the jimibu . Nor seen , nor heard , sammu malraneun feel ( […]


Synopsis: A man who doesn’t see trash, a mop, and a good look. It refers to Han Jae-won, the VIP of where Yeonwoo works. “Are you still wet?”“What are you […]

No Responsibility

Synopsis: Oh, my God. Damn it. Damn it. Pregnant!That man was just one night!! Hanyang Ryu Seok-hoon of the world who is fine with Hou Daeman.Song Hye-soo, a sexy girl, […]

Senior, don’t wear that lipstick

Synopsis: Without knowing what her lover is, Song-a took out a pink lipstick that would make Hyun-seung’s excitement even today. With the pretty lines and the slightly thicker lips tinged […]

I love you forever

Synopsis:Yein is an actor. It’s also hot. She is her hardworking and does not put people in her own realm. But she who once gave her heart is a loyal […]

Assistant writer I raise

Synopsis: “ I … Don’t you remember ?” To make a living in a house matter , man secondary authors ‘ poem luck . Kkeorimchik at first, but , to […]

To me at age 20

Synopsis: This work includes a description of coercive and violent behaviors and relationships, and relationships with multiple people.Also, please note that there are many vulgar expressions related to the body. […]