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Category: Medicine

ACL Injury Definition

An ACL Injury is an injury or tear of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, one of the main ligaments in the knee. This usually occurs when there is a sudden change […]

Achondroplasia Meaning

Achondroplasia or rickets not growing. It is a genetic disorder or mutation of the FGFR3 gene, resulting in patients with disproportionate dwarfism, short limbs, abnormal facial structure. It will be […]

Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans is a condition in which the skin around the folds of the body turns dark brown and the skin becomes thicker than usual. It is usually found under […]

Absence Seizure

Absence Seizure. It is a form of epilepsy. This will cause delusional symptoms such as stopping to speak while telling a story. or stop walking suddenly But the symptoms usually […]

What is Celecoxib?

Celecoxib is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) that works by suppressing inflammation and pain in the body caused by diseases and conditions such as menstrual pain. Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis, for […]

What MLT means?

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) are vital to the healthcare team as they are often the first to produce patient results. MLTs use sophisticated biomedical instrumentation, as well as manual procedures, […]


Acetazolamide, sold under the trade name Diamox among others, is a medication used to treat glaucoma, epilepsy, altitude sickness, periodic paralysis, idiopathic intracranial hypertension (raised brain pressure of unclear cause), […]


Abacavir is a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTI) antiviral drug used by doctors in combination with other HIV medicines. Effectively reduces the number of HIV infection in the body of […]


Hyoscineis medicines that are commonly known in the trade name Busse Co Phan ( Buscopan ) to treat and relieve the pain of the organs in the abdomen associated with […]

What are Antidepressants?

What are medications for depression? Things you should know Depression is a psychiatric disorder that makes people unable to live normally. They will suffer from depression, insomnia, pessimism, lack of […]

Trichosanthes Anguina L

Snake gourd (Latin scientific name: Trichosanthes anguina L.), annual climbing vine ; slender stem, many branches. The leaf is membranous, round or reniform, the leaf base is curved and deep […]

What is Mifegymiso?

Mifepristone and misoprostol (Mifegymiso) Medical abortion is the process by which a pregnancy is voluntarily terminated through the administration of one or more medications.1 In Canada, the primary method for […]

What is a Worker Health Vaccine Need?

Healthcare workers (HCWs) are at risk for exposure to serious, and sometimes deadly, diseases. If you work directly with patients or handle material that could spread infection, you should get […]

What is Ayurrveda?

Ayurveda (Sanskrit: आयुर्वेद; English: Ayurveda) is a traditional Indian medicine for more than 5,000 alternative medicine. In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda is derived from the word “age” meaning longevity and […]

Vitamin A and Benefits

Vitamin A is great for maintaining eye health, but your eyes are not the only things that benefit from Vitamin A. It is derived from two different sources: preformed retinoids […]

What’re Pseudoephedrine and side effects?

Pseudoephedrine is a sympathomimetic drug of the phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical classes. It may be used as a nasal/sinus decongestant, as a stimulant, or as a wakefulness-promoting agent in higher […]

Favilavir Medicine Details

According to the China Daily Pharmaceutical Technology website, according to China Daily, the national medical product management division Has officially announced that Favilavir is the first drug that can be […]