SkyroadOther names: 天行Author: Losing Leaves Genre: Novel, Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sports Release: UnknownStatus: 1625 Ongoing Description: Crowned as the ‘Legendary Horseman of the Polaris’, the gifted player created his own tactics – Herding Calvary Assault Spread – and bested the number one archer … Continue reading Skyroad

Chapter 1547 I Believe In My Comrades

Chapter 1547 I believe that the consciousness of my comrade-in-arms, Xiao Ji, gradually blurred, but the smile at the corner of his mouth remained undiminished. In his eyes, there was unprecedented firmness and determination. When he was dying, many laughs appeared in his mind. It was the laughter he was familiar with, and he used to live life one by one. It was his family, his comrades-in-arms, and the fetters he couldn’t let go of. “The holy land owes us, and I want you to return it with profit!” “You know, you cut all my fetters!” “You deserve to die!” … Continue reading Chapter 1547 I Believe In My Comrades

Chapter 1546 Discover the key

Chapter 1546 found that the key is under the yellow sand, and the eyes of the sky are extremely strange. It looks like an eye of a true god, looking down on the whole world. Seeing that the mental fluctuations in the clones became stronger and stronger, Xiao Ji frowned, and the time left for him was running out. The spiritual realm of this clone is also very terrifying. He has realized that he has fallen into the illusionary realm constructed by spiritual power, and it will not take long before he will wake up. It is a pity that … Continue reading Chapter 1546 Discover the key

Chapter 1545 There is still hope

Chapter 1545 There is still hope that the clone looked at Xiao Ji without getting angry, and said: “You are very smart and powerful. You have a good future. You don’t have to lose your life here.” “Future?” With the clone The voice of the body fell, Xiao Ji patted his legs, and smiled: “My future, in exchange for the power that can kill you…” “I’m just a clone. What’s the point of killing me? “The clone asked. After Xiao Ji was silent for a moment, he said: “It is meaningful to kill you… there is still hope.” The clone … Continue reading Chapter 1545 There is still hope

Chapter 1544 Calculation

Chapter 1544 Calculates this extreme type of spiritual domain evolving person, often the body is extremely fragile, only need to find his position, he can be killed instantly. But what the clone needs to think about now is how to find Xiao Ji’s location. If he can’t be found, don’t mention killing him, he will be completely useless and can only be dragged by him without time limit. “A game of mice and cats.” The clone sneered, and immediately, the whole body exuded extremely strong mental fluctuations. With the emergence of spiritual fluctuations, the clone has escaped Xiao Ji’s spiritual … Continue reading Chapter 1544 Calculation

Chapter 1543 Make Awareness

Chapter 1543 Make a Good Enlightenment After listening to Yun Xuan’s words, Xiao Ji was thoughtful. There is only one clone, which is not in line with common sense. This shouldn’t be a matter of experimental technology, otherwise, if the Holy Lord has the ability to clone one clone, then he can clone more. If what Yunxuan said is true, I am afraid that there is still a bigger problem, and this may be the key to defeating the Holy Lord. Perhaps, he can get some useful information when fighting the clone. Xiao Ji had thought about the countless possibilities … Continue reading Chapter 1543 Make Awareness

Chapter 1 is you? Also worthy?

“Feng Jiaojiao, why are you so vicious? It’s really disgusting!” “Jing Si, don’t say that to sister, sister she didn’t mean it.” “Qingqing, you are too kind!” A sharp sting came from his head. Feng Jiaojiao listened to the loud noises in his ears. The anger pressure in his heart couldn’t be suppressed, and he opened his mouth very violently. “Shut up all the fucking!” Yesterday, she had just returned from the trial in no man’s land. She hadn’t slept for five days and five nights. She was awakened by someone at this moment. It was a shame that she … Continue reading Chapter 1 is you? Also worthy?

Chapter 14 Beauty is amazing

Several people got into the car together, and Su Yunan sat quietly in the back seat without saying a word. Su Qingshan quietly looked at Su Yun from the corner of her eyes. She couldn’t help but want to laugh several times, but she was afraid of revealing something, so she could not help it. The manor where the Shen family hosted the banquet was not in the capital, but on the edge of the capital. It would take more than an hour to get there by car. For more than an hour, Su Yun has been staring at the … Continue reading Chapter 14 Beauty is amazing

Chapter 12 Do a favor

“What the hell is it with you?” Hesi asked not to answer. What virtue is his cousin, He Si said it is clear, he must have already made up a big show. “Oh, cousin, don’t be so indifferent, tell me the story of you and the beautiful woman.” Shen Ziyi persisted, “Do you have any contact information with the beautiful woman? Or… you and the beautiful woman are together now? Wow, Your progress will not be so fast, are you? Are you in the hotel now?” “Bye.” “Don’t don’t!” Shen Ziyi shouted hurriedly, “I don’t ask, I just don’t ask.” … Continue reading Chapter 12 Do a favor

Chapter 13 There must be a demon if something goes wrong

On Sunday, Su Yun did not wake up very early, and went to bed until almost noon before going downstairs to eat. In the dining room, the rest of the people are already seated. Su Qingshan rolled her eyes and curled her lips disdainfully: “I’m such an adult, and I haven’t gotten up until I slept. I’m not afraid to make people laugh!” Since the last time he framed Su Yun for failing, Su Qingshan has not had any trouble finding Su Yun in the past few days, but Su Yun can clearly feel that Su Qingshan’s grievance is growing. … Continue reading Chapter 13 There must be a demon if something goes wrong

Chapter 11 Apology

Su Yun stood behind Su Changsheng and smiled at Su Qingshan, her expression as if to say–yes, I did it on purpose. Su Qingshan was so angry that her chest rose and fell violently, she immediately got up from the sofa and said loudly, “Dad, mom, she was dating a man by herself first, but now she blames me for talking nonsense? Don’t meet a man privately!” “What age are these, do you still talk about this?” Su Yun looked at Su Qingshan amusedly, “Would you like me to help you with a piece of cloth for a while to … Continue reading Chapter 11 Apology

Chapter 3 I agree to divorce

I clearly know that it is impossible to keep him, but there are some things I have to try. I raised my eyes and looked at him directly. I said, “I agree to the divorce, but I have the conditions. You stay here tonight. I finished my grandfather’s funeral and signed immediately after the funeral.” He squinted, his dark eyes filled with sarcasm, and the corners of his lips moved slightly, “Please, please me.” He let go, squinted his eyes, and leaned to my ear, “Shen Shu, Everything depends on one’s own ability, and it’s useless to rely on your … Continue reading Chapter 3 I agree to divorce

Chapter 2 Can I not leave?

Before thinking about it, he saw that the bedroom door was opened. He was so wet, he went straight into the bathroom without even looking at me, and then there was a splash of water. When he came, I couldn’t continue to sleep. I got up and put on my clothes, took out his pajamas from the closet, and placed them at the bathroom door. Then I went to the balcony. It is the rainy season, and there is a light rain outside. The sky is already dark, and the ticking sound of rain hitting the bricks can be vaguely … Continue reading Chapter 2 Can I not leave?

Chapter 1 Pregnancy

Pregnancy: six weeks When I saw the B-ultrasound report, I was shocked by these four words, only once, why did I become pregnant? What should I do now? Tell Fu Shenyan, will he not divorce because of this? No, but I will feel that I am shameless and use my child to blackmail him. Suppressing the frustration in my heart, I stuffed the B-ultrasound report sheet into my bag, and then went out of the hospital. Outside the hospital building, in the shining black Maybach, the car window was opened one-third, and from the outside, the man in the driving … Continue reading Chapter 1 Pregnancy

Chapter 1161 Forced blind date

As she said, she glared at Lu Zizhong uncomfortably: “Brother, you don’t know anything, just talk nonsense, you must apologize to me!” Lu Zizhong did not answer her words. Instead, he raised his hand and touched her head with a look of curiosity: “Lu Ziran, you have a fever, or your head was kicked by a donkey. Wang Hengzhou is a doctor of a famous medical school abroad. Chief of staff. It’s not bad, just to make up for your low IQ deficiency, why don’t you agree to it?” Lu Ziran was going to be mad by him, so he … Continue reading Chapter 1161 Forced blind date

Chapter 1159 Are you going to go on a blind date or marry Gu Nuanyu?

After waking up, he looked at his hand in confusion, as if there was still her residual warmth on it. Lu Zizhong got up from the bed and came to the balcony. It was midnight. The wind on the winter night was freezing cold, and the moonlight was as bright as water, pouring on him. He couldn’t figure out why he had such a dream. In the dream, he didn’t hesitate to elope with Gu Nuanci. what does this mean? He likes Gu Nuanci? No, no, he and Gu Nuanci have only met so many times. He appreciates her skill … Continue reading Chapter 1159 Are you going to go on a blind date or marry Gu Nuanyu?

Chapter 1160 Wang Hengzhou Pursues Lu Ziran

Mo Xiaodie looked in the direction of his fingers. It was also taken aback. “Stop!” She quickly ordered the driver. The driver pulled the car slowly to the side of the road. On the opposite side of the road is the gate of No.1 Primary School. Under a tree not far from the gate, a boy is holding a bunch of roses in his hand, talking to Lu Ziran. She seemed to want to give her flowers, but she refused to accept them. “Boss, who is that man?” Mo Xiaodie stared at the boy’s back and asked Lu Zizhong curiously. … Continue reading Chapter 1160 Wang Hengzhou Pursues Lu Ziran

Chapter 1157 The older the less serious Lu Xiaocao

After Luo Zhenghua finished speaking, he stood up abruptly and walked out with a firm face. Lu Chenxu supported him: “Zhenghua, where are you going?” “Go home, Lu Chenxu. I want to understand, I have to face everything bravely like a man. Correct all the mistakes!” Luo Zhenghua at this time seemed so sober! “Well, you are drunk, I will take you back!” Lu Chenxu helped him out from the bar. The Lu family’s driver quickly drove them to the door of the Luojia community. Luo Zhenghua swayed out of the car: “Lu Chenxu, you don’t need to help me, … Continue reading Chapter 1157 The older the less serious Lu Xiaocao

Chapter 1158 The boss shouldn’t dislike girls!

Lu Chenxu looked aggrieved: “My wife, you are so cruel, I just talked casually. The boss is also my son. I can’t bear it either! However, since he was young, he didn’t seem to have a good impression of girls. By the way, I just saw Yang Qi walk out of his villa. In the middle of the night, he still let people work! wrong! Wife–” When speaking, Lu Chenxu suddenly looked at Mo Xiaodie seriously. Mo Xiaodie was taken aback: “What’s wrong with you, why didn’t you say it halfway through?” Lu Chenxu thought about it for a while, … Continue reading Chapter 1158 The boss shouldn’t dislike girls!

Chapter 1156 Luo Zhenghua’s Pain

Because he was going to drink, Lu Chenxu made a special call and asked the driver at home to take him to the bar where Luo Zhenghua was located! When he entered, Luo Zhenghua was already slightly drunk. “Lu Chenxu, you are here! As expected of an old classmate! Interesting!” After seeing Lu Chenxu, he stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. Lu Chenxu sat down beside him, frowned slightly, and snatched the wine glass in his hand: “Isn’t your son still in the hospital? Why are you drinking?” Luo Zhenghua grabbed the cup in his hand, … Continue reading Chapter 1156 Luo Zhenghua’s Pain