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Serbia and Montenegro Story

Sorbia and Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro: SCG) is the name of the former federal government. Which is a loose combination of Serbia and Montenegro The former republic of Yugoslavia since 2003 until 2006 […]

Thai Boxing History

1. Boxing with ThailandClassification of human races …. of. Thailand’s ethnic group in Mongolia. Body generally smaller than people living in temperate zones. Average height of 5 feet 3 inches, slim, muscular […]

Chopsticks Culture

Food culture Of each nation There are differences Europeans and Americans use knives and spoons to eat food. But there are many races in Africa, Arabs and Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, […]

Lord Buddha Story

The Bodhisattva, who would be reborn from Dusit heaven, came to emerge as the Lord Buddha. Before entering the Bodhisattva, he chose 5 things which are 1. Time (human life expectancy) – The human life expectancy […]