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Category: Novel Release

End of the World

Synopsis: Zhou Zishu, the leader of the “Skylight”, a spy agency directly belonging to the emperor, was tired of the bloody life and nailed the “Seven Orifices and Three Autumn […]

Crown Prince’s Knowledge

Synopsis: The most intimate department of the court that enshrines the night of the master jeon , the jimibu . Nor seen , nor heard , sammu malraneun feel ( […]

The Tribulation of Ten Thousand Clans

Synopsis: I am the robbery of these heavens and all races!I have finished the works “Global High Martial Arts” and “Rebirth of Fortune”. Book friends who haven’t read it can […]

Senior, don’t wear that lipstick

Synopsis: Without knowing what her lover is, Song-a took out a pink lipstick that would make Hyun-seung’s excitement even today. With the pretty lines and the slightly thicker lips tinged […]


Synopsis: When she started her career as a criminal police officer for the sake of her father’s legacy, Bai Xue didn’t think she had any difficulties she couldn’t overcome until […]

Luan Married

Synopsis: Before rebirth, she single-mindedly, exhausted all means, just wanted to become his princess, but in exchange for a pot of aphrodisiac and gratuitous disgust on the wedding night.After rebirth, […]

Find my fiance’s lover

Synopsis: I remembered the memories of my previous life I had forgotten.Even that, at the moment of making an engagement vow with the prince. It was an engagement that was […]

A world that became kind to her

Synopsis: The illegitimate son of the Marquis of EstelleThe shame of the Bahamur socialiteLotus Estelle. While continuing a life of precariousness as if riding a single line, everything collapsed at […]

A gentle villain is suspicious

Synopsis: She reincarnated as Cirina, the older sister of the heroine in Rofan’s novel.It was a role that only rolled like a dog for the family and was killed by […]

Angelic Lady

Synopsis: Angela was my friend. She wanted to do anything to her, whom she considered more precious than her family, and eventually turned Angela, a low-ranking noble from the countryside, […]

Presumptuous in Mr. He’s arms

Synopsis: The first budding love Jiang Ji encountered was Jiang Rong, but when she smashed his engagement banquet and caught up with his good brother, she became a “bad person” […]

A Girl Like Me

Synopsis: Stupid, cute, lucky dad, sturdy guard short mother, dandy brother wants to go to bed. Being divorced three times without feeling flustered. Meihua clothes, golden beams. Who is rich […]

When the queen became a wealthy wife

Synopsis: “When the Queen Becomes a Giant Wife” She was the queen of a country who dominated the harem for 30 years, but died silently in the cold palace. When […]

Dragon King of Territory

Synopsis: Ye Quan’s father is in danger, and God of War returns to the city to save his father. Unexpectedly, his family was declining before, and he had to become […]

Buy one get one free

Synopsis: “Woman, do you dare to come back?” Haicheng’s most dangerous man pinched the woman’s neck, his eyes scarlet. Five years ago, everyone in Haicheng knew that Chi Huan was […]

Kill God Forever

Synopsis: Rebirth from broken corpses, guard against ghosts and seize sisters, kill God to prove Tao! Among the highest schools in China, you can freely choose various growth routes such […]

You are my city

Synopsis: What about the beautiful young girl? Say good youth without regrets? Ten-year-old adoptive mother was paralyzed, seventeen-year-old adoptive father died, eighteen-year-old pregnant, and just dropped out of college… Su […]

Ambiguous Master

Synopsis: YD is reasonable and ambiguous. Fan Wei, a problem student, was unexpectedly a product of future civilization. His various abilities have been greatly improved. He tutored in the garden […]