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Category: Popular Novel

Gu Shao, come in the bowl

Introduction: In the previous life, Gu Xizhou petted her and loved her and protected her, but Xu Zhiyi hated him so much. He wanted to escape, and finally watched him […]

Black-Bellied President is Paranoid

Introduction: She held up the man’s handsome face, and said with shame: Gu Mingxuan, you are so shameless! He stared at her under him dissatisfiedly: It seems that you are […]

Please Love My Mommy, Daddy

Introduction: Early in the morning, Miss Lian woke up, only to find a man lying beside her! She decided to preemptively: “I won’t be responsible! Just die this heart!” The […]

First Love: My Wife Please Remarry

Introduction: She slept with the best looking man in Jiangcheng, and he reluctantly took responsibility. He said that after getting married, the two were irrelevant, but he turned into a […]

The President’s Father is Super Fierce

Introduction: He is the iron-blooded president of Jiang City who is frightened and bloodthirsty. She is the lost daughter. A design with ulterior motives pushed her into his arms. Seven […]

Dominate the ex-wife 100 style

Introduction: Three years ago, she “recklessly killed” Pei Nanjue’s favorite woman, that is, her younger sister. She married him “with great effort” and became his wife. Everyone said she was […]

Good morning, Lord President!

Introduction: “Xia Xingchen, give me a baby!” That night, she was eaten and wiped out by a mysterious man. I thought all this was just a dream, but two months […]

Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home

Introduction: You are not allowed to touch me in public. You are not allowed to tell anyone that I’m your wife. You are not allowed to tell anyone that we […]

Magic Patriarch

Introduction: Wei Wuxian in the previous life scolded and became infamous. The brother-in- law, who was sympathetic , took the man to the nest, and went through all his life. […]

Nightmare’s Call

Introduction: This is a story of an ordinary boy gaining unusual powers from his nightmares… It all started when Lin Sheng experienced something strange on what he thought was just […]

Devil’s President Sacrificial Bride

Introduction: Her brother ran away with the president’s fiance. She was too late to escape and she was captured. She began her miserable life as a 99-day contractual lover. Devil’s […]

Fighting Against Huaxin Boss

Fighting against Huaxin BossAssociated Names: Fight Against playboy boss, Flirty Boss, No!, Black Giant: Fighting against Huaxin Boss, 黑色豪门:对抗花心上司, Fight Against playboy boss, Flirty Boss, No!, Flirty Boss, No! / […]


Synopsis: Twenty years ago, “Nan Dao” Li Zheng was ordered to be a bandit and built the forty-eight villages of Shushan to reap the dead. Twenty years later, a young […]