Lord Buddha Story

The Bodhisattva, who would be reborn from Dusit heaven, came to emerge as the Lord Buddha. Before entering the Bodhisattva, he chose 5 things which are 1. Time (human life expectancy) – The human life expectancy depends on the current and behavior of good deeds. If doing better, the age will increase. If doing less good, life expectancy will decrease. Human life expectancy is between 10 years and 1 countless years (1 × 10140 years), but the Bodhisattva has chosen a human life expectancy between 100-100,000 years. If less than 100 years, humans will have a rude mind to listen to the dharma to break until they … Continue reading Lord Buddha Story

The myth of the Chuck formula

Thakhach Sutra is a mantra, chapter 5 of 7 myths. Thachach Sutra means “Yot Thong” or “Pennant”. It is a large formula, most commonly chanting both specific formulas in temples such as the Lent. In the temple because it takes a lot of time If praying to make merit at home Or even in the Grand Palace, do not pray full-cut, pray only for the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha This is popular as a Neti practice. In the old days, when there was a vow or celebration of the flag Newly granted The monks have chanted the full formula Seen to be dedicated to the flag. Looks good Now he … Continue reading The myth of the Chuck formula

Walk the Mind … Four Ways to Consciously

Dharma narrated by Phra Mahaworaphon Kittiwaro (Por.Por. 6) Vipassana Training Course “Walk the Mind … Four Ways to Consciously” at Wang Taku Temple, Nakhon Pathom Province, 4th time, 5-6 August 2017 Is lucky for life That you all have the opportunity to meet Buddhism Have the opportunity to follow the teachings of the Lord Buddha Dharma practice, suitable for dharma The inheritance of the teachings of the Lord Buddha to the world Is a way to be free from suffering Find true peace Meaning Nirvana As the Lord Buddha had said “Look, all the monks This path is the leading path. Is for the purification of all animals Was to overcome … Continue reading Walk the Mind … Four Ways to Consciously