How To Open Your Third Eye?

4 Proven strategies for awakening the third eyeFirst, we’re going to describe the most important guidelines that will help you develop your third eye. 1.Cultivate silence Foster the silence of the mind, whether it’s through meditation, just sitting calmly in nature, or being absorbed in your favorite art or sport practice. Why? Because third eye perception elevates your senses to more subtle levels. Some call … Continue reading How To Open Your Third Eye?

What Element are you in 5 Chinese Horoscope?

Consider of each person as an element on what is consider from their birth date. This is more important than the year of time that originate in Chinese science. The four-year-old porno will have a date, year, and time of birth to tie the Chinese. Write out the top 4 rows and the bottom 4 rows a total of 8 channels and the elements are … Continue reading What Element are you in 5 Chinese Horoscope?

What is Feng Shui Mean? Feng Shui

Feng Shui originated in China. Feng Shui is an ancient discipline that examines the sites of cities and buildings, and determines the desirable arrangement of interior space. Its main content is about site selection for Chinese dwelling, housing, ancestor’s cemetery, and environment-related action. The Chinese have used it since the Western Zhou dynasty (1100 B.C. – 771 B.C.). Following the simple observation that environment influences the … Continue reading What is Feng Shui Mean? Feng Shui

Knowing Yin and Yang Concept

Yin and Yang Yin (- -) symbolizes the moon, femininity, darkness, and stillness. Yang ( ) symbolizes the sun, masculinity, brightness, and motion. Yin and yang have a complementary relationship. A favorable site should have a balance between yin and yang. Yin are earth, moon, night, shade, rest, stillness, contraction, below, low, downward, soft, cold, soft and water. Yang are sky, sun, day, light, activity, motion, expansion, above, high, … Continue reading Knowing Yin and Yang Concept

What are zodiac and characteristics?

The zodiac is a twelve-part division of the sky in the neighborhood of the ecliptic. The zodiac and astrological symbols. The twelve signs used by the astrologers are not the same as the 88 constellations in observational astronomy. The constellations are by definition a pattern of stars, and their sizes differ greatly. The signs, on the other hand, are pure geometrical constructs. Listed below is a table … Continue reading What are zodiac and characteristics?

Astrology and Astronomy in your belief?

Astrology is the belief that there exists a meaningful relationship between the positions of celestial bodies and human experience, and that we can systematically determine this relationship. Astrology deals with protective geometry, meaning distances to celestial bodies are inconsequential. Astrology is solar system play with planets. Astronomy is the scientific study of the universe. Astrology is “astromancy” or divination by the stars. An astronomer studies … Continue reading Astrology and Astronomy in your belief?