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Chapter 9 In the Forest

Zhao Jing of Taihu Lake, known as Qiushan Swordsman, is a generation of famous knights. Before Zhou Zishu arrived in Taihu Lake, he still looked forward to seeing this famous […]

Chapter 8 Moonlight

The sound of the piano is extremely fine, like a spider silk entanglement, as if coming from all directions, with an indescribable treacherous and solemn meaning. As soon as Gu […]

Chapter 7 On The Road

Zhou Zishu clicked on the sleeping point of the young Zhang Chengling, only for fear that he could not turn around for a while, so he calmed down, and didn’t […]

Chapter 6 Beauty

The people present did not have a word. They quickly exchanged eye contact with each other, then ignored Zhang Chengling and slowly formed a circle, surrounding Gu Xiang and Zhou […]

Chapter 5 Ghost

“My name is Zhang, and my name is Zhang Chengling.” The young man sat down, his round face was black and all colors, but even though his clothes had been […]

Chapter 4 Righteous Scholars

The black-clothed man and the purple-clothed girl quickly fought together. Zhou Zishu watched from the sidelines clearly. The two people’s skills are not the same, but they are similar in […]

Chapter 3 Desolate Temple

Zhou Zishu didn’t care–he had done all sorts of life-seeking things in this world, so he didn’t care about anything, so he just took the dirty words from the old […]

Chapter 2 Encounter

There is a secret in Qiqiao Sanqiu Nail. No one knows this secret except Zhou Zishu, and there will probably not be too many people knowing it. If it is […]

Chapter 1 Skylight

The plum blossoms in the yard are full of branches and fall on the ground, spreading on the remaining snow that will be cleaned in the future. At first glance, […]

Chapter 16 Spirit Fox

So the two-person line became a three-person line again. Anyway, Dongting was also one of Zhou Zishu’s goals, so he didn’t have any objections. The normal life of some people […]

Chapter 15 Restaurant

“Master, how can you be sure that if a person dissolves, he must make himself ugly?” This is Gu Xiang, who asks if he doesn’t understand. Wen Kexing said slowly: […]

Chapter 14 Escape

Zhou Zishu swept his gaze over him, and said slowly: “I don’t think you look like you are dying at all.” He hadn’t finished saying this, as if to cooperate […]

Chapter 13 Appearance

Suddenly Zhou Zishu stopped, frowning and looking at the openings and exits in the crypt, and suddenly said: “This crypt is connected to living water, there is wind, and it […]

Chapter 12 Illusion

Wen Kexing didn’t know what the powder that Zhou Zishu had spilled, but he didn’t ask, as if he knew that this person was reliable in his heart, he just […]

Chapter 11 The Crypt

Zhou Zishu stood in front of the “Huangquan” for a while, then turned and walked back. He felt that he must have been eating too much in Zhaojiazhuang, so he […]

Chapter 5 You want to know why, right?

Li Shimin’s expression is very solemn. “Yes!” Fang Xuanling took the order immediately and hurried back to prepare. Everything now is developing as Wang Yuan said, and he is eager […]

Chapter 4 Border Report!

Gods in the world! Hearing Fang Xuanling’s comment, Li Shimin did not deny it, but silently nodded. Because he thinks so too. This young man named Wang Yuan has really […]

Chapter 3 God and Man in the World!

With this stroke, the ink spread, directly causing Lao Li and Lao Fang’s blood to come on top, feeling that the blood was burning! Within ten days, the Turks can […]