Chapter 9 Treasure Girl

Su Yun’s reaction was truly captured by He Siyan, so he said, “Look at your reaction, you know this place.” It was only a moment, Su Yun had sorted out his thoughts and expressions. She lowered her eyes and said faintly: “I have heard of such a place, but I don’t know much about it. What was surprised just now is that you, a noble son in the capital, still know a small broken village.” “I don’t know much.” He Siyan caught a few key words in Su Yun’s words and sighed softly, “It’s a pity.” Su Yun did not … Continue reading Chapter 9 Treasure Girl

Chapter 1592 Put Your Claws Down

Chapter 1592 Putting down your paws, Yun Xuan seemed to notice something, his eyes became sharp for an instant, looked at He Lefeng and others, and said: “You guys go out first.” “Ah?” He Lefeng was stunned. Xiao Yao said, “Too many people and poor air circulation will affect her rest. We are here. You should go back first.” Although he is very worried about Lin Yan’s body, Xiao Yao, a doctor who knows well, said so, He Lefeng , Sun Shuoran and others could only leave first. Although Qi Feng is also an evolutionary, his mental power has not … Continue reading Chapter 1592 Put Your Claws Down

Chapter 1189 Big Brother, Marry Your Sister!

Gu Nuansheng, who seemed to have been unconscious, moved his eyelashes slightly, and his cold hand moved along with it. Gu Nuanci’s expression was pleasantly surprised: “Sister, are you awake?” “Family let go, the patient is in urgent need of rescue.” Gu Nuanci wanted to say more words to encourage her sister. However, a nurse came over and pushed her aside. She just stood at the door of the emergency room and saw Gu Nuansheng being pushed in hastily. Gu Nuanci’s heart was full of self-blame. The elder sister’s health is not good and she has had heart disease since … Continue reading Chapter 1189 Big Brother, Marry Your Sister!

Chapter 1188 Gu Nuansheng fell into the water

Gu Yihan turned around and looked at her figure. He wanted to say something, but his lips moved, but he didn’t say anything in the end. Then he suddenly remembered Gu Nuanci, whose stomach hurts and has not found a figure yet. He hurriedly turned around and was about to call her name when he saw a figure slowly walking in from the gate. Gu Yihan rushed over in two or three steps: “Where did you go, Xiaoci? Didn’t you have a stomachache? How is it now?” Under the bright lights of the courtyard, Gu Nuanci saw the worry on … Continue reading Chapter 1188 Gu Nuansheng fell into the water

Chapter 276 My sister is super awesome!

The day of the college league match was a cloudless weather. The warm spring breeze blows away the steep spring cold, the sky is blue and the plateau, and the clouds are layered and stretched away like cotton wool. Birds flew by from time to time, chattering non-stop. The league was held at the e-sports stadium in the Beijing New District. The stadium is newly opened, and modern technology elements can be seen in the buildings outside. All the equipment inside is very new and the hardware facilities are quite good. “I didn’t expect our little game to be held … Continue reading Chapter 276 My sister is super awesome!

Chapter 275 The World Is Really Small

The start day of the college league is on February 27, and Bai Hao and others are in Beijing on February 25. Su Yun and He Siyan went to pick them up together. He Siyan was very busy during this period, and Su Yun had almost no time to see him. Su Yun said that this time the turmoil would not allow him to interfere, and He Siyan respected her wishes and did not act. However, on Valentine’s Day, he was free to stay with Su Yun all day. He wanted to take Su Yun to play together. Su Yun … Continue reading Chapter 275 The World Is Really Small

Chapter 274 She’s got the face of lizi

Chapter 274-I’m Sorry Su Qingmo had a circle of black that couldn’t stop it, and there were obvious red blood in the white of his eyes. It was obvious that he hadn’t rested at all in the past few days. Su Yun is watching financial news every day, and she also knows that the daily chemical industry has been affected quite a bit because of Su Changsheng’s affairs. Something happened to the company’s management, especially the chairman of a company that was dignified, and it caused such a big social hot spot. Su Ran Daily Chemical is receiving fierce public … Continue reading Chapter 274 She’s got the face of lizi

Chapter 273 I will settle the account with you

Su Qingshan also didn’t want to go out during this time, but she couldn’t help it. School started. At the beginning of each semester, Pearl University must sign in in person before opening the course selection system. If Su Qingshan did not go, she would not be able to grab the courses she wanted to take next semester, which would be very troublesome. Very helpless, Su Qingshan still went to school. She wore a hat, mask and scarf, and surrounded herself tightly. No one recognized her on the road. After punching in the library’s educational administration system, she hurried to … Continue reading Chapter 273 I will settle the account with you

Chapter 272 Storm Center

In the next few days, the condemnation of Su Changsheng on the Internet continued. Many reporters gathered at the door of Su Ran Daily Chemicals. They were blocked there, and wanted to see Su Changsheng to interview him for the first time. They were so scared that Su Changsheng had been hiding at home these days and did not dare to go out. “Nina, that Nina!” Su Changsheng slapped her thigh fiercely and roared, “What does she mean? When is she going to make trouble!” Su Qingshan sat on the other side, with red eyes and said: “I didn’t expect … Continue reading Chapter 272 Storm Center

Chapter 1591 Is he trying to make money?

Chapter 1591 Is He Tu Qian Linyan lying on the bed, feeling like his body is burning, his mind is chaotic, all kinds of thoughts and memories are chaotically intertwined, and finally turned into a vague and familiar figure, gradually moving in the dim light Gradually… she stretched out her hand, but her body seemed to be imprisoned by invisible shackles . She couldn’t move, she couldn’t grasp it . She saw that figure was swallowed by darkness a little bit… “A Cheng…” Lin Yan’s forehead was sweating coldly. . Before Lin Yan’s fever had gone, everyone in the room … Continue reading Chapter 1591 Is he trying to make money?

Chapter 1187 Gu Nuansheng confessed

When they went downstairs, Gu Yihan had already arranged the food in the restaurant. “The two of you didn’t do any work. What are you doing so slowly? Wash your hands and eat.” When speaking, Gu Yihan suddenly raised his head and saw Gu Nuansheng’s red and swollen eyes, and his brows wrinkled unconsciously: “Nuansheng, what’s wrong with you?” When speaking, he looked at Gu Nuanci: “Xiaoci, did you quarrel with your sister again?” Gu Nuan gave him a blank look, pulled the chair and sat down at the dining table: “Big brother, don’t think of me whenever something bad … Continue reading Chapter 1187 Gu Nuansheng confessed

Chapter 1186 Big Brother Is Not a Commodity

Gu Nuanci was startled by her sudden behavior, and quickly reached out and tried to pull her up: “Sister, what are you doing? Hurry up and say something.” But Gu Nuansheng was stubborn and refused to get up, “Xiaoci, you promise me, I really can’t live without the big brother.” The mobile phone on the ground still emits some faint light, and the wind blows harshly in winter, and the branches not far away make a faint sound by the wind. The night in the country was silent. Gu Nuanci slowly squatted in front of her sister. Through the faint … Continue reading Chapter 1186 Big Brother Is Not a Commodity

Chapter 1185 Yes, I like Xiao Ci

After hearing her words, Gu Yihan was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed: “Nuansheng, what did you say? How could I leave you! This is my home. I just work abroad.” do not worry. After this research is over, I will be transferred back to China. Then we will never be separated. “ Gu Nuansheng raised his head, the light in the yard did not turn on. The light is very dim. She couldn’t see the expression on Gu Yihan’s face: “Big brother, are you telling the truth?” Gu Yihan patted her on the back gently: “Fool, of … Continue reading Chapter 1185 Yes, I like Xiao Ci

Chapter 1184 Big Brother, I like you too!

Gu Nuanci was still a little worried: “But can uncle take care of you alone?” Cheng Zhen also laughed: “What? Xiaoci, don’t you even worry about your uncle? Besides, your mother can wait at most one week before being discharged from the hospital. What is your little girl worried about?” Gu Yihan also persuaded her: “Yes! Xiaoci, Gujiacun is only a 40-minute drive from here. If you don’t worry, we can come back at any time. Big brother has not been to Yongming Mountain for several years. Do you really want the big brother to go abroad with regrets? “ … Continue reading Chapter 1184 Big Brother, I like you too!

Chapter 1590 Daydreaming

Chapter 1590 Daydreaming “Impossible! Impossible! Absolutely impossible!” He Lefeng shook his head frantically, how could he not believe this fact. This incident is like someone telling a commoner that his father is the emperor, and he is the prince… Sister Yan is Yeva, the god of death on the track, is he the cousin of the god of death Yeva on the track? Mo Shuyun’s mood at this moment is undoubtedly the same as He Lefeng’s. What an international joke! He is in the same team as the track death god Yeva, is he still the captain of the track … Continue reading Chapter 1590 Daydreaming

Chapter 1587 Battered vest

Chapter 1587 He Lefeng , the riddled waistcoat, nodded and echoed: “I think I also think!” Sun Shuoran: “It shouldn’t be…” He Lefeng: “It shouldn’t be the person of thunder and the speed of light Are you kidding me!” Sun Shuoran: “Isn’t it possible that GD and the International Motorsports Association are messing up!” He Lefeng and Sun Shuoran said in unison. He Lefeng immediately asked Ha? At most, the people who want to make smokers are Leiyin or Lightspeed people. How can they have anything to do with GD or even international racing? ? ? I’m afraid that GD … Continue reading Chapter 1587 Battered vest

Chapter 1183 Will He Ask Me To Marry Me?

Gu Mingfeng looked worried: “Dad, Xiaoci is full of hatred for us now. How do we plan to get her approval? So that she can agree to marry Lu Zizhong? I find it difficult. She is a middle-level police officer at a secret military base. Cheng Zhen also has many comrades in the army. Take the current situation of our family. It is difficult to deal with them. “ At this time, Gu Mingfeng was still very calm. Gu Dabin glanced at his son uncomfortably: “Mingfeng, what do you mean by this? Do you mean to watch Gu’s bankruptcy? That’s … Continue reading Chapter 1183 Will He Ask Me To Marry Me?

Chapter 1182 Xiaoci has nothing to do with your family

Gu Nuanci directly turned Gu Mingfeng aside, turned his head to look at Gu Dabin, and frowned uncomfortably, “Who are you? Do I know you?” Gu Dabin quickly explained with a smile: “Xiaoci, I am grandpa! Grandpa has been too busy all these years and didn’t come to see you. I really can’t help your mother and daughter!” When speaking, Gu Dabin’s eyes turned red. Gu Nuanci coldly snorted: “Old man, you have admitted the wrong person! Don’t act here anymore. I don’t even have a dad. Where is the grandpa from! This is the hospital. You need to find … Continue reading Chapter 1182 Xiaoci has nothing to do with your family

Chapter 1589 Large-scale horse fall scene

Chapter 1589 Several people in the room at the scene of the large horse fall have different thoughts. After a while, Lin Yan woke up in a daze. When she woke up, she found herself lying on the bed in the bedroom. Mo Shuyun and Sun Shuoran surrounded the room, and Sun Shuoran still took her hand and cried. “Master… Sister Yan, you woke up, and you suddenly fainted, frightening me to death…” Sun Shuoran could no longer control his emotions under his emotions. Lin Yan sighed and reached out to touch Sun Shuoran’s head, “Why cry? I’m sick and … Continue reading Chapter 1589 Large-scale horse fall scene

Chapter 1588 Master Awakens

Chapter 1588 Master Wake up Mo Shuyun faced Luxen’s jealous eyes, really confused. Lu Sen’s eyes, why is it like eating him? Lin Yan didn’t deliberately want to hide from Mo Shuyun and the others. She originally planned to start again, and to avoid some unnecessary troubles, so she didn’t plan to use the identity of Yeva at all, so there was no need to say it. Who knew that Sun Shuoran would pierce her in two or three days… Lin Yan got up and was about to speak, but suddenly dizzy, and then his eyes went dark, and he … Continue reading Chapter 1588 Master Awakens

Chapter 1586 Group visits

Chapter 1586 The moment when the group visited the doctor to see the great gods outside the door, He Lefeng was almost blinded by the dog’s eyes, and stood still. Who could have expected that the people in the melons just appeared in front of me when I was eating WZ melons just now. “Ranshen…Langshen…and…you…what are you…?” How did these people come to this small apartment in the middle of the night? Sun Shuoran said excitedly: “My teacher…” Where is Fu Sheren? Before the next words could be said, King covered Sun Shuoran’s mouth quite skillfully, and then replied without … Continue reading Chapter 1586 Group visits