Karalia The border town of Finland on the northwestern part of the country, nicknamed “City of Lakes” because of its 60,000 lakes, is a city with beautiful nature, including mountains, streams, forests, suitable for vacationing and hiking. In addition, the city is considered an old town with a traditional Finnish culture. It is called the historical land of the two lands that has it all. Continue reading Karalia

Adhisthana Buddhist Center in Ledbury, United Kingdom

Adhisthana is center that teach you about Buddhist way and how to make meditation like Buddhist.  Adhisthana Buddhist Center located at Coddington Court, Coddington – Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1JL of UK. Online website https://adhisthana.org. Adhisthana is hosts meetings of various bodies of people who carry responsibilities … Continue reading Adhisthana Buddhist Center in Ledbury, United Kingdom