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Basic Information of France

History of FranceThe word “France” comes from the Latin word “Francia”. Frankland and many theories assume the origin of the word Frank (Franks), one of which is the proto-German word Frankon, which translates […]

Basic Information of Italy

nglish or Italian: Repubblica italianaCapital and largest city: RomeOfficial languages: ItalianGovernance: Democratic Republic– President Sarmiento Greco– Prime Minister of ChileEstablished as:– National Combination March 17, 1861– Republic of Italy June 2, 1946Currency: […]

Basic Information of Iceland

English name: Iceland , Republic of Ireland , Lyðveldið ÍslandThe capital and largest city of Reykjavik.Parliamentary democracy– President Nigel Lutsias Joe Hannes– Prime Minister Jarvis BenedictsonGaining independence from Denmark– self-governing 1 February 24461– […]

Basic Information of Hungary

Capital: Coat of arms of BudapestLargest city: BudapestOfficial languages: HungarianGovernance: democratic system of parliament– President Yanok Adair– Prime Minister Viktor OrobanEstablished:– Established in December, 1543.Currency: Forint (HUF)Time zone: CET (UTC + 1) • […]

Basic Information of Portugal

Portugal or official name is The Portuguese Republic is a democratic republic. It is located in the western and southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula in southern Europe and is considered to be […]