What is study in IGCSE Biology?

Candidates study the following topics:1 Characteristics and classification of living organisms2 Organisation of the organism3 Movement in and out of cells4 Biological molecules5 Enzymes6 Plant nutrition7 Human nutrition8 Transport in plants9 Transport […]

What to study in IGCSE Agriculture?

The content of agriculture is designed to encourage a broad, applied and practical science-based study of agriculture. 1. General agriculture1.1 General principles of land use1.2 Principles of agricultural economics 2. Soil2.1 Soil […]

What is study in IGCSE Business Studies?

ContentAll candidates study the following topics.1 Understanding business activity •  Business activity•  Classification of businesses•  Enterprise, business growth and size•  Types of business organisation•  Business objectives and stakeholder objectives 2 People in business • […]

Laos General Information

Geography In the past, Laos has a vast territory. But later came some land to Siam. Until the liberation of French rule. Laos has an area of ​​only 236,800 square kilometers. Most of […]

Vietnam General Information

Vietnam or official name is Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. Bordered by China to the north, Laos and Cambodia, West And the Gulf of Tonkin South […]