Green Plus Juice

Green Plus Juice Ingredients: Cos lettuce (cut into pieces) 100 grams 50 grams cucumber, cut into pieces 2 tablespoons lemon juice 30 grams peeled green apples, cut into pieces 30 grams peeled […]

Infused Water Formula 4

Infused Water Formula 4 (Cucumber + Lemon + Rosemary) Ingredient: 1 slice cucumber 1 slice lime 2 fresh rosemary Ice Mineral water or water Method: Put cucumber, lemon and rosemary into the […]

Pandan Herb

Pandan The nature of the plant is a biennial plant with clumps, roots, air on the stems, leaves, single leaves, crush, smell, smell. Leaves attached to the trunk, alternating tightly around. The leaves are […]

John Snow Story

John Snow is the Father of Epidemiology. Cholera is an infectious disease that became a major threat to health during the 1800s. In the 1800s there were large epidemics of cholera in […]

Hyena – ν•˜μ΄μ—λ‚˜

Hyena – ν•˜μ΄μ—λ‚˜ Other name: Haiena, HienaCountry: KoreaGenre(s): Comedy, Law, Romance, DramaRelease: Feb 21, 2020 – Apr 11, 2020 Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00Episode(s): 16 Broadcast: SBS Director(s): Jang Tae Yoo Writer(s): […]

Ratana Sutta Story

Ratana SuttaDescriptionThe Ratana Sutta is a Buddhist discourse found in the Pali Canon’s Sutta Nipata and Khuddakapatha; with a parallel in the Mahavastu. In the Pali it is seventeen verses in length, […]