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Tag: Boys' Love


Synopsis: The day when the cold, which was riding on the road, disappeared with thick eyes. Christmas that will remain a blissful day for some.That day, I received a gift […]

Viva tu vida!

Synopsis: The nighthe fell asleep after reading a novel that was accidentally printed incorrectly , Youngjin Ki woke up as the master of the work. Then with a serve ball… […]


Synopsis: Mongse (夢世). A vain world like a dream Han Tae-go is left alone in the world after losing her parents.Kwak Cha-il, the son of the enemy, is obsessed with […]

Broken Glass Floor Theory

Synopsis: “This is a non-smoking area, so stop smoking.”“I’m not the only one who smokes.”“So you mean you did well now?” A coincidence that passed unlucky.A bad story that led […]

Repeat Mark: Repeat Mark

Synopsis: I did enough to just stand stupidly.I’m tired now. So, if you can fly, you have to fly. Joo Seon-yul gives up everything in the second return, even though […]

A flower in the palace

Synopsis: Fifteen, Jiyul was chosen by Sejabin as a man’s body.Although the whole situation is bewildered, Jiyul shares her heart while being delighted by the crown prince who is extremely […]

Officer’s Diary

Synopsis: Emperor Do Yeon-woo is on fire these days.I can’t live very much because of the crazed cadet named Juharo, who is crazy in the record. “The emperor threw an […]

Time we stayed

Synopsis: Kang Min and Wooyoung, who were high school alumni, reunite at the broadcasting station after 10 years. “I’m sorry for hurting you.”Wooyoung couldn’t make eye contact and chewed her […]

A world where crazy people live

Synopsis: This work is sadistic and contains violent elements such as coercive relationships, various crimes, grooming, and gas lighting. Cha Yeon-seo, who lived in the house of Chairman Yoon’s mansion, […]

Save me

Synopsis: The near future where machines do much.Danhyo, a veteran employee of’Human Touch’ that provides human warmth in a lonely spaceWe dispatched to the house of a very demanding and […]

Mansion of fire

Synopsis: A servant Philip who has been working in the red mansion for a long time. A beautiful robot, AC-0136, appears in front of Philip, who dreams of a peaceful […]

Memorize while pounding

Synopsis: “If everything is correct, I will subtract it. Now, type 4.”“Is it real? Huh Subject, verb, a, indirect object… … ?”“Youngsu, would you cry if you said it was […]

Auto Reverse

Synopsis: An average of 100,000 condoms are distributed during the Olympic Games. Even so, Im Jae-hyun didn’t know I would use the condom. No, even if I wrote it, I […]

On the Alpha’s exclusive courtship

Synopsis: World-class swimmer Lee Gang-seok visits Kim Joong-heon, a pharmacist at a local pharmacy. He presents a contract of marriage between his parents 20 years ago and demands marriage. With […]

Bizarre Boy

Synopsis: “Shall we start with the name of Tongsung? I am Mowon. What’s your name?”“… … Acorn.”“Dokdol? Dolhee? I didn’t hear it well.”“Acorn!” A person’s name is Acorn. My parents […]

Hello, Master

Synopsis: The machine-made Android’s lips were, ironically, pretty warm. When Gyeon-woo raised his head, a pair of eyes were looking at him. A face bright like a flower smiles. “Good […]