Tag: Chinese Novel

From Sidekick to Bigshot

Description:Previously, Jian Yiling was the supporting character who was destined to be cannon fodder. However now, with the memories of future events, Jian Yiling who had crossed into the novel transformed into […]

God of Medicine

Description:Taeyun’s Modern Fantasy Feature novel β€œThe God of Medicine” The fateful encounter between ordinary surgeon Yoon Tae-sik and Ui-sun Hwa-ta’s vision. You can save more with this! Lee Se-sang is the one […]

Hegemony of Sci-tech

Description:Luo Jia, Luo whose surname is Luo, is the best. The largest behind-the-scenes criminal in the earth science and technology world, without “one of. Hegemony of Sci-techAlternative name: η§‘ζŠ€ιœΈζƒAuthor: η§’ι€ŸδΉε…‰εΉ΄Genre: novel, funPage […]