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Gateau Sans Rival Cake

Gateau Sans Rival Cake Sans Rival is a French word meaning no rivals. It consists of layers. Cream made from butter, meringue, and cashews Without powdery ingredients and originated in the Philippines. Sans […]

French Toast Recipes

French Toast Recipes French toast is a dish made of bread soaked in eggs whisked with milk then fried. You can try at a cafe, restaurant or do it by yourself. Here are […]

Brazilian Romeo and Juliet

Brazilian Romeo and Juliet Romeu e Julieta obviously gets its name from the Shakespeare play. This dessert which is widespread in Brazil consists of cheese and guava paste. The cheese that is […]

Milk Panna Cotta

Milk Panna Cotta Ingredients Milk Powder 100 grams 500 ml of water 14 grams gelatin sheet 80 grams sugar  1 grams of vanilla extract Method Bloom the gelatin in clean water. 2. […]