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Tag: Diversity Plot

Dear Mayang Street Ending Plot

“Dear Mayang Street” takes Guangzhou Mayang Street as the background, and the opening shows the cordial and lively customs and neighborhood relations of Mayang Street. Yi Dongdong’s family moved from […]

Love is Sweet Episode 21 – 24

Episode 21Returning home, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai had a passionate kiss in the corridor. Suddenly a mobile phone prompt sounded. Jiang Jun turned his head to see that Li […]

Love is Sweet Episode 16 – 20

Episode 16Jiang Jun got up early in the morning and found that the water pipe in his toilet was broken. He hurriedly called Yuan Shuai to repair it. After the […]

Love is Sweet Episode 11 – 15

Episode 11Fortunately, Tang Xin’s timely appearance turned the situation upside down and made Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai a great victory in the coordinated battle. In order to reward Jiang […]

Poisoned Love Episode 21 – 24 End

Episode 21Seeing that his daughter failed to pursue love, Gu Yuanzhou found Shi Meng and hoped that he would break up with the dialect. Shi Meng firmly defended the dialect, […]

Poisoned Love Episode 16 – 20

Episode 16Zuo Yao recalled that when he was with Hao Yingjun at the university, he accidentally found that Hao Yingjun was drunk and cheating on a woman. This is why […]

Poisoned Love Episode 11 – 15

Episode 11Dialect gave himself an ultimatum to let his first love have a beginning and an end without regrets, and when he decided to have unrequited love, Meng left him […]

Poisoned Love Episode 6 – 10

Episode 6Shi Yi was pleasantly surprised by the sudden visit of the dialect, but when he learned that something with his own breath could help the dialect relieve his illness, […]

Renascence Episode 16-18

Episode 16Ye Jun wakes up and sees a woman in the room, thinking Yao Mowan, but when she turns around, she realizes that it is Wang Qinruo. Wang Qinruo told […]

Love is Sweet Episode 6 – 10

Episode 6Yuan Shuai forcibly explained that he wanted to take the love letter because he was afraid that Jiang Jun would be emotionally hurt in the future and cry allergies, […]

Love is Sweet Episode 1 – 5

Episode 1Jiang Jun glamorously participated in the interview of MH Securities Investment Banking Department, and used his own methods to help the surrounding interviewees to relieve the tension. At the […]