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Peppy Nettle Tea

Peppy Nettle Ingredient: Half Peppermint half nettle leaf Benefit: Nettles are high in minerals including calcium and can help back off seasonal allergies. This tasty and refreshing tea is a […]

10 Tea Types by 10 Countries

I would like to recommend 10 types of tea around the world, so that everyone can experience 10 different styles of tea from around the world … for anyone interested […]

Tea Leaves and 36 Benefits of Tea

Herbal tea is a perennial plant that is believed to have originated from the mountains in the southwest of China. Because there is evidence of discovering many traditional tea species […]

Pu’er Tea Benefit

Pu’er (普洱茶) is a tea planted in the southern part of Yunnan Province. The Pu’er district by the Yee ethnic minority of Yunnan. Pu’er tea is considered a tea Loud […]