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Tag: Drinks

Pineapple Coffee

sweet, crispy, delicious. Easy to find, it has to be pineapple. But if you eat a lot that might bite my tongue try to pretend “Pineapple Coffee”, see. Guarantee that […]

Watermelon Coffee

If you think of juicy red fruit. Eat and feel refreshed It has to be cold watermelon. The more you use it to make “watermelon coffee”, it’s twice as refreshing. […]

Grapefruit Coffee

Sweet and sour taste Comes with a scent that hits the nose I need this menu “Grapefruit Coffee” is a good source of vitamins, high in fiber, and can help […]

Mango Coffee

Incredible combination of ingredients, “Mango Coffee”, which you might normally have eaten with mango smoothie menu. But when I tried adding coffee to it, it blended really well. Not too […]

Apple Coffee

Fruits that are good for the heart and good for people who are on a diet like apples. can be taken as “Coffee Apple” as well. You can take any […]

Passion Fruit Coffee

Sleepy in the afternoon. Anyone who wants to freshen up must be “Passion Coffee” here. High vitamin. avant-garde satisfying The more you put passion fruit into it. Let me tell […]

Good tea – full moon

Good tea ‧ full moon The Mid-Autumn Festival every year The tea soup will always be with you,This year is of course no exception! 2021.9.18 (Sat)-2021.9.22 (Wed) “#Buy four get […]

Where is the birthplace of Irish Whiskey

Ireland can be said to be the birthplace of whiskey. It was firstly spread from the monastery to the folk distillation. Before King Henry VIII announced the start of heavy […]

What is Ireland’s national treasure?

Guinness beer is Ireland’s national treasure, and it can be found everywhere in Ireland. Guinness StorehouseWhen you arrive in Dublin, you must visit the Guinness Storehouse. Guinness, derived from the […]

Iced Matcha Strawberry

This is the perfect iced drink with green tea matcha latte, blended with a rich, sweet strawberry milk. Ingredient: Milk size 180 ml. 3-4 strawberry or strawberry syrup 1 tbsp […]

Kiwi Avocado Smoothie

Add the sourness of kiwi. Add the smoothness of yogurt. When blended together, it is delicious. Mixture, smoothie, kiwi, avocado 2 ripe avocados, small chunks 3 green kiwis, small cut […]

Mocktail Juice helps to strengthen the immune

Mocktail Juice helps to strengthen the immune Component: 75 ml of ginger juice. Ginger contains many types of phytochemicals. Has antiseptic effects, influenza, reduce inflammation, and prevent colds. Prevent the […]

Herbal Juice Formula 2 “immune enhancement”

Homes reinforces the immune Component 30 grams of ginger contains many types of phytochemicals. Has antiseptic effects, influenza, reduce inflammation, and prevent colds. 20 grams of amla contains high vitamin […]

Herbal Juice Formula 1 “immune enhancement”

Herbal juice “immune enhancement” Components 20 grams of amla has antioxidant properties. Stimulate the immune system Inhibit the division of virus, cough and sore throat. Two pickled lemons help drive […]

How Honey Miracle?

For more than 8,000 years, honey has been known and used by humans as a sweetener. Honey has medicinal properties. And has health benefits, making it possible to use honey […]

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Drinking tea has long been popular. In the morning of every day if we start the day by drinking hot tea. In order to stimulate the body to be alert […]

Orange Coffee Recipe with Soda

Ingredients: 1⁄2 cup espresso 2/3 cup fresh orange juice 1⁄2 cup of soda 2-3 orange zest Honey / sugar Ice How to Make Coffee Orange Soda: Put the zest into […]

Tea Recipe Formula

Formula One: “Use Indian tea is 30%, Ceylon tea is 40%, Kenyan tea is 30%.” Indian tea is 30% What is Indian tea called? Masala chaiMasala chai (/tʃaɪ/; lit. ‘mixed-spice […]

Pineapple, Spinacia oleracea, Cucumber Juice

Pineapple, Spinacia oleracea, Cucumber Juice This formula is formulated to help stimulate the digestive system to work better. Both increase the efficiency of energy metabolism. While also helping to reduce […]