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The history of Austria

The history of Austria In ancient times, much of the territory later known collectively as “Austria” was called Rhaetia, Noricum, and PANNONIA. These were organized as Roman provinces in the 1st century […]


Germany is a country where history and culture come alive and whose complex past has made it the extraordinary country it is today. Many of the country’s historical and architectural treasures were […]

Information about Sweden

Sweden (Kingdom of Sweden or Konungariket Sverige) is the Nordic countries are located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe, west to Norway. North to Finland and the Skagerrak in the south-west […]

Basic Information of Italy

nglish or Italian: Repubblica italianaCapital and largest city: RomeOfficial languages: ItalianGovernance: Democratic Republic– President Sarmiento Greco– Prime Minister of ChileEstablished as:– National Combination March 17, 1861– Republic of Italy June 2, 1946Currency: […]

Basic Information of Iceland

English name: Iceland , Republic of Ireland , Lyðveldið ÍslandThe capital and largest city of Reykjavik.Parliamentary democracy– President Nigel Lutsias Joe Hannes– Prime Minister Jarvis BenedictsonGaining independence from Denmark– self-governing 1 February 24461– […]