Europe Countries List

Eastern Europe Belarus Bulgaria Czech Republic Hungary Moldova Poland Romania Russian Federation Slovakia Ukraine Crimea Northern Europe Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands (DK) Finland Greenland (DK) Iceland Ireland Latvia Lithuania Northern Ireland (UK) Norway Scotland (UK) Sweden United Kingdom (England) Wales (UK) Southern Europe Albania Andorra Bosnia & Herzegovina Croatia (Hrvatska) Cyprus Gibraltar (UK) Greece Vatican City State Italy Macedonia, Rep. of Malta Montenegro Portugal San … Continue reading Europe Countries List

Republic of Croatia Information

Republic of Croatia is a name in the Serb language and Korativa Hersvatska (Hrvatska) area 56,542 square kilometers. Is a boomerang country In Europe with territories to the Mediterranean, Central Europe and the Balkans, the capital city Zagreb In current history Croatia was formerly a republic in Yugoslavia. But gained independence in the year 1991 and applying for membership in the European Union in the future … Continue reading Republic of Croatia Information