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Tag: Fantasy

To you who resemble Choi-ae

Synopsis: Choi Jung-in, a general of the Hwan Empire and a terrifying rumored protagonist with a different appearance.I got to meet the imperial princess as a bride, but she is […]

Find my fiance’s lover

Synopsis: I remembered the memories of my previous life I had forgotten.Even that, at the moment of making an engagement vow with the prince. It was an engagement that was […]

A world that became kind to her

Synopsis: The illegitimate son of the Marquis of EstelleThe shame of the Bahamur socialiteLotus Estelle. While continuing a life of precariousness as if riding a single line, everything collapsed at […]

A gentle villain is suspicious

Synopsis: She reincarnated as Cirina, the older sister of the heroine in Rofan’s novel.It was a role that only rolled like a dog for the family and was killed by […]

That’s a BL novel character

Synopsis: One day, when I opened my eyes, I became a beautiful girl!… I’ve ever had a delusion.Suddenly I became the main character of the novel!… I also thought about […]

Angelic Lady

Synopsis: Angela was my friend. She wanted to do anything to her, whom she considered more precious than her family, and eventually turned Angela, a low-ranking noble from the countryside, […]

Let me resign!

Synopsis: In 990, Isaiah, a mercenary, asked to resign but did not give up.In the year 992 of the Agritsa calendar, Isaiah the scribe resigned for health reasons, so he […]

Super Sect System

Synopsis: Yunyin Continent, there are many sects. A sect without a star, but apprentices only accept geniuses. A sect without a star, a genius, a super-powerful person who joins and […]

Proud Farm Girl With A Space

Synopsis: After transmigrating, Su Tang became a poor village girl who was not loved by her own father and was abused by her stepmother. After only a few days she […]

BJ Archmage

Synopsis: Jung Hyeonwoo who had no talent, no money and no luck. “Why do I see the information inside the game?” He started to see the things that are not […]


Synopsis: Humanity will perish in the future. Just before perishing, mankind gathered the last force and transferred the strongest hero to the past. To stop the seven apocalypse and hell […]

My Ex-Husband Became The Male Lead

Synopsis: Renna, who lost her life, was reincarnated into a novel she used to read in her previous life.Thankful for getting another chance, she lived her life peacefully until one […]

Please Be Patient, Grand Duke

Synopsis: She was a replica of the son, the minor Marquis Kieran (키에런) Vale. Marchioness of Vale’s (베일) failure, a vagrant from the Louvre (루버) district.It was all she was. […]

Let’s Survive First

Synopsis: “Large… … .”“What are you doing! Get out of your seat right away!” I thought it was a simple search request, but a monster popped up.I try to come […]

The Dog of the Zhuge Family

Synopsis: It was an ordinary dog. Until one day, I remembered that I was a person in my previous life… The Dog of the Zhuge Family (Serial)Associated Names: 제갈세가의 개 […]