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Tag: Food/Drink

Introduction to Bashu Food Culture

Among the folk customs of Bashu, its unique food culture is world-renowned. Among them, the custom of drinking tea is an important part of the Bashu culture. Sichuan teahouses, which […]

Where is the birthplace of Irish Whiskey

Ireland can be said to be the birthplace of whiskey. It was firstly spread from the monastery to the folk distillation. Before King Henry VIII announced the start of heavy […]

What is Ireland’s national treasure?

Guinness beer is Ireland’s national treasure, and it can be found everywhere in Ireland. Guinness StorehouseWhen you arrive in Dublin, you must visit the Guinness Storehouse. Guinness, derived from the […]

Lemon Avocado Grilled Chicken

Clean food menu Lemon Avocado Grilled Chicken With meat, grilled chicken breast, eaten with avocado. Seasoned with pepper and lemon, this delicious Ingredients: Chicken breast 2 pieces Ground pepper and […]

Kiwi Avocado Smoothie

Add the sourness of kiwi. Add the smoothness of yogurt. When blended together, it is delicious. Mixture, smoothie, kiwi, avocado 2 ripe avocados, small chunks 3 green kiwis, small cut […]

Tuna Avocado Sandwich

Fresh bread or toast stuffed with avocado and tuna. Load up on vitamins from salad vegetables. Season with a little salt, delicious, of course. Tuna sandwich ingredients, avocado, canned tuna. […]