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Antelope Horn (Ling Yang Jiao)

Ling Yang Jiao Leng Yang Jiao (Chinese herb) Can treat and prevent many diseases Cold medicine The main components are from antler. Or chamois Shredded And 3 additional herbs which are Tao Tek Bat Teng Sim which are […]

6 Ways to Eat Yogurt

It is undeniable that the food that many people think of when entering the weight loss phase. In addition to vegetables and fruits, it is yogurt, because in addition to being rich […]

Laksa is Singaporean food

“Laksa” is a kind of noodle food. Is a traditional Peranakan food. Malay-Chinese hybrid consisting of bean sprouts, fish balls, or shrimp, shrimp, cockles, tom yum water and served with chili paste. Decorated with laksa […]

ASEAN Foods by Country

ASEAN Foods by countries are the general food from each country like traditional foods when you visit one of those countries. This will be interest food such as: 1. Brunei – Ambuyat […]