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ASEAN Foods by Country

ASEAN Foods by countries are the general food from each country like traditional foods when you visit one of those countries. This will be interest food such as: 1. Brunei – Ambuyat […]

What is Hot Pot?

What is Hot Pot? Hot pot is less of a dish than it is an experience, encapsulating the communal dining ethos that so many Western restaurants have only recently taken on. Think […]

What is Bulgogi?

Bulgogi pork is modern Korean style that has a slightly sweet, spicy taste by putting the pork into the pan with flavored soup and cooked then eaten with side dishes and steamed […]

How many foods type are they?

Foods: Lists of Foods Type by follows as: American Cuisine Eastern Cuisine Western Cuisine Asia Cuisine Thai Cuisine Korea Cuisine Japan Cuisine Ainu food Albanian food Argentina food Andhra food Anglo-Indian food Arab food Armenian food […]