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Cranberry and Benefit

CranberryCranberry is organized in the family ERICACEAE.Cranberry is classified as a berry fruit family. Look like ivy Growing popular for commercial benefits in America. Cranberries are bright red fruits. Has a sweet and sour […]

Pumpkin and Benefits

Pumpkin and Benefits Pumpkin is divided into 2 families. The first family is Family of American Pumpkin (Pumpkin), big flesh, flesh and squash (Squash), including Thai and Japanese pumpkins. By the Thai […]

Passion Fruit and Benefits

Passion Fruit and Benefits Scientific name: Passiflora laurifolia L.Common names: Jamaica honey-suckle, Passion fruit, Yellow granadilla. Botanical characteristics: It is a vine with a ground vine, a single leaf, a deep jagged edge of the […]

Name of Fruit Lists

Name of Fruit Lists in general Aristolochia tagala• Kradam• Santol• Irvingia• Kraeba (Kraeba large)• Kraeba matches• Drafting (Niocrt)• Banana• Klgwietea• banana cream• Klgwihmosag• Klึgkleam (waterlogging)• Shift Jian• Katagkatigw (talk)• Leea indica.• sundae• […]