What’s Pansexual?

Pansexuality, or omnisexuality is the sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity. Pansexual people may refer to themselves as gender-blind, asserting that gender and sex are not determining factors in their romantic or sexual attraction to others. Pansexual is new gender, male can be female but it’s not Bisexual. How is Pansexual different from Bisexual? Answer: The word ‘pan pansexual’ is derived from the Greek root meaning “all” or “all.” The group of people who call themselves “Pansexual” is a group of people who are sexually different. And ready to have relationships with … Continue reading What’s Pansexual?

One of the “poor” strategies in China

One of the “poor” strategies in China is to make villages in impoverished areas. Have strengthened and grouped together to do business to generate income for self-help / small villages in China Organizing a 3.9 million baht village village dividend payment celebration And today, Ai Jong shares an example of a village in a rural area of China that was once listed as a very poor village but has now overcome poverty. From the business establishment of the village With every household in the village as a shareholder This village is called Daoping Village, a rural village in Longan City, … Continue reading One of the “poor” strategies in China

What is a perfect human?

# What is a perfect human? …. All of us who hope for salvation Both sought different ways For liberation The goal is to achieve what is called the “truth”. When we reach the truth We were free from suffering at that time. Achieving the truth is the attainment of mental exaltation. The exaltation of mind will indicate perfect humanity. Imperfect humans cannot achieve mental exaltation if “ego” still exists. Ego is an attachment to something. Until it is the self with that feeling (understood to be true) “I am a good person … I am smarter … I know … Continue reading What is a perfect human?