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The development history of private gardens

Chinese private gardens may have originated in the same era as the imperial gardens, but from known historical documents, people know that there was a private garden of King Liang […]

How to make lanterns?

As soon as the Lantern Festival arrives, lanterns are popular. If you have free time, it is also a good idea to make lanterns yourself. You can’t make the “big […]

Think first … For Make social.

Social media or Social Media has influenced and changed the way of life of many people, for example, if you want to get news, in the past we had to […]

How important is health insurance today?

Changing times have changed many things. Factors that are related to our health are the same. Whether it is food, environment or even lifestyle All result in disease and illness […]

Term Day Calendar in America for Study

What is a school calendar?School calendar. The school calendar is approved each spring by the School Board and includes the start and end dates, school improvement days, non-attendance days, and […]

How to discovered the SARS coronavirus in 2003

Zhong Nanshan (a Chinese pulmonologist who discovered the SARS coronavirus in 2003) suggested simple ways to prevent Wuhan pneumonia: It is recommended that you rinse your throat with light salt […]

The tradition of Lent Candle Festival

The history of the candle procession tradition Before the reign of HRH Krom Luang Sappasitthiprasong Is a governor of Ubon Ubon people do not have a candle-casting procession like the […]

What’s Pansexual?

Pansexuality, or omnisexuality is the sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity. Pansexual people may refer to themselves as gender-blind, asserting that gender […]

Make-A-Wish Foundation Storyline

Make-A-Wish Foundation of America is an Arizona nonprofit organization that founded in 1980. The foundation is connect volunteers with children and families to offer hope to them during a very […]

Moral Remind yourself!

Some people … don’t even know that Where will the money be collected tomorrow Have children go to school Some people … never knew that What is the taste of […]

Preparation to be the guide job

There are 4 main steps for the tour guide’s operation as follows: Preparation before performing duties It is very important to prepare before performing this duty because in order to […]

21 ideas from Dharma side

1. Each year … Make life “better” Because each day … Our lives are “shorter” 2. The “stay current” Not to “stop doing” on important matters But it is to […]