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Tag: Health

ACL Injury Definition

An ACL Injury is an injury or tear of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, one of the main ligaments in the knee. This usually occurs when there is a sudden change […]

Atrophic Rhinitis or Add Ozaena

rhinitis atrophy It is a disease in which the lining of the nose changes from the lining of the airways to the lining that covers the skin. causing the lining […]

3 common eye diseases in children

3 common eye diseases in children Lazy eyes is a condition in which the eye cannot see clearly. because the child uses that eye too little The eyes are like […]

Jelly Eye … Why is it important?

The eye is the vital organ of the body that helps us see better images than any other narrative. “Ten mouths that are not as eyes to see.” No one […]

Mocktail Juice helps to strengthen the immune

Mocktail Juice helps to strengthen the immune Component: 75 ml of ginger juice. Ginger contains many types of phytochemicals. Has antiseptic effects, influenza, reduce inflammation, and prevent colds. Prevent the […]

About Strain

Strain is the contraction of muscles of one or more parts of the body. Which everyone needs to always have in their life such as balance and movement Every time […]

Lotus Stem (Water Lily) Benefits

Lotus Stem (Water Lily) or Bua Sai (สายบัว) in Thai 5 benefits lotus flowers, various food properties Bua Sai, although this name may not be familiar, but when talking about […]

What are Antidepressants?

What are medications for depression? Things you should know Depression is a psychiatric disorder that makes people unable to live normally. They will suffer from depression, insomnia, pessimism, lack of […]