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Food poisoning is caused by Vibrio

Symptoms: According to the rules, black burns occur. From the shrimp trying to create pigment Inflammation of the liver, pancreas, liver atrophy, decreased dietary intake and possibly death (There is an outbreak, especially when the water […]

Food Therapy

Nowadays, people are increasingly advocating healthy and natural treatments, such as treating diseases through diet. Here are the nine most popular therapeutic methods in the world. Long-term adherence to diet is useful. […]

Diet therapy

Diet therapy is the traditional habit of the Chinese people . Through diet, the purpose of conditioning the body and strengthening the body is achieved . The diet culture has a long […]

Thai Boxing History

1. Boxing with ThailandClassification of human races …. of. Thailand’s ethnic group in Mongolia. Body generally smaller than people living in temperate zones. Average height of 5 feet 3 inches, slim, muscular […]

Coffee History

Coffee is a native plant of Abyssinia and Arabia, which was discovered in the 5th century in the Arabian state at that time. No one paid much attention. Until the late 9th century, an […]