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Tag: Japanese Manga

Iron-Blooded Orphans Moon Steel

Description: The manga is a side story of the animated Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. The original work was written by Kamo Shida Kazuo who served as the script for the […]

Galaxy Angel 2

Description: The Angels evaded the rebels led by Ionia and finally arrived at “White Moon”, the seat of the Virgin Mary. However, the uneasy shadow has gradually approached… Karasuma Chitose’s successive […]

So, Do You Wanna Go Out, Or?

Description:College students Saeko and Miwa end up drunkenly coming out to each other on a night out, and the two of them enter into a relationship to celebrate the concept […]

Rental Girlfriend Tsukita-san

Description:Hoshino Masato(26) is a very shy guy who is even nervous about being handed change by a woman at a convenience store. In order to get used to women and […]


Book Introduction:I can fly! Hinata Shoyo, who was fascinated by volleyball and participated in the first and last official game in junior high school. However, he was defeated miserably by […]

Silver Pole Flowers

Description:Hana is ashamed of the fact that her late mother was a famous pole dancer, as her family considered it promiscuous. Karin saw her dance and was enthralled by it. […]

Crescent Moon and Doughnuts

Description:Crescent Moon and Doughnuts summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Crescent Moon and Doughnuts. If you have any question about this manga, Please […]

Dictatorial Grimoire: Snow White Vol 2

Description:Grimm Otogi, a far-flung descendant of the renowned Grimm Brothers, has always regarded the fairy tales his ancestors concocted as pure fiction. Unfortunately for the introverted half-Japanese teen, he is […]

That’s Journey

Description: Chika Suzugamori, a newcomer manga artist, was hungry every time she brought in her name.Her heart is about to break, but she suddenly thinks of going on a journey.The ultimate […]

Super Komi 26 Paper Comics

Description: This is Shin x Ryo na Manga distributed at Spa Komi 26 on May 3rd. Volume 45 Bonus Manga delusion. It’s a confession that the new issue wasn’t credible even […]

Something’s Wrong with Us

Synopsis:Something’s Wrong with Us is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Natsumi Ando. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Be Love magazine since December 2016, and collected […]

Lies Of The Sheriff Evans: Dead Or Love

Lies Of The Sheriff Evans: Dead Or LoveAlternative Name: Hoankan Evans no Uso: Dead or Love; 保安官エヴァンスの嘘Author: Mizuki KuriyamaGenre: Action, Comedy, Historical, Romance, ShounenType: Japanese MangaStatus: Ongoing Description:The story follows […]

Will it rain tomorrow?

Description: Erica X Mihui, lost the game and won the life. Will it rain tomorrow?Alternative Name:Genre: mangaAuthor: SakuRelease: N/AStatus: N/A