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Tag: Plot

Chapter 01 (Antiquity)

Sixty thousand years ago, the tribulation of chaos came, and the true god died in the ancient world, and disappeared in order to save the three realms. At that time, […]

Chapter 5 Ability to Transform

Thinking back. Tang San stretched his body. At this time, it was still very early before dawn, and the people in the village would go to bed early and heavy […]

Chapter 4 Growth

In the blink of an eye, I was three years old. In the past three years, I have hardly seen the outside world. The most is to look out from […]

Chapter 3 Wind Wolf Town

The town where they are located is called Wind Wolf Town. Both the monster tribe and the spirit tribe should have very powerful existences, at least from the words of […]

Chapter 2 The Raised Humans

“Roar! Hurry up!” The werewolf roared impatiently. Tang San’s mother trembled a little, tears streaming down even more. The werewolf didn’t care about her anymore, and stepped forward. A big […]

Chapter 20 (Gold Medal Production)

“Hey, have you noticed that President Gu doesn’t seem to come to the company much recently.” “I heard that President Gu had a quarrel with President Jiang two days ago, […]

Chapter 19 (Gold Medal Production)

Early in the morning, Gu Liang stood on the side of the press conference stage, watching the staff keep busy coming and going, his brows were full of indifference. “Woman, […]

Chapter 18 (Gold Medal Production)

At eight o’clock in the evening, the sky began to rain again and again, and it was getting bigger and bigger. Gu Liang stood in front of the window of […]

Chapter 16 Adulterer?

boom! Early in the morning, the entertainment employees looked at the voices coming from Gu Liang’s office, and couldn’t help but shrink their necks. They looked at the direction of […]

Chapter 15 (Gold Medal Production)

In the evening, Gu Liang took Ye Jinchen to the Motel Hotel and learned that Lu Ran had arrived, so he walked directly into the bread box. After Gu Liang […]

Chapter 14 (Gold Medal Production)

Gu Liang, who left the meeting room, went straight back to his office. As soon as he entered, Lu Ran’s call came in, and she answered without hesitation. “Woman, let’s […]

Chapter 13 (Gold Medal Production)

Since Lu Ran’s return, Gu Liang’s life has been enriched a lot. In addition, Lu Ran is also on vacation, so he has also participated in the decoration of the […]

Chapter 12 (Gold Medal Production)

Here, a group of fans gathered outside the booming airport. They held light signs and posters in their hands, all looking forward to it, and many remembered to wait for […]