Season Love (2017) 何所冬暖何所夏凉 End Recap

Synopsis: An Jie broke up with her boyfriend and disappeared for six years. Living overseas she was in a car accident and temporarily got blind. When she wants to commit suicide, she was saved by a stranger and befriended with her live saver a kind and gentle man. But when her eyes got better, her friend disappears without a trace. An Jie returns home after six years. Back to her family and back to Xi Xi Chen, a cold and aggressive man. What kind of secret keeps Xi Xi Chen in his heart? Season Love 何所冬暖何所夏凉 Episode 42 Recap Season Love … Continue reading Season Love (2017) 何所冬暖何所夏凉 End Recap

2gether: The Series – เพราะเราคู่กัน

2gether: The Series – เพราะเราคู่กันOther name: คั่นกู, Because we are togetherCountry: ThailandGenre(s): Romance, DramaEpisode(s): 12 Language: Thai SummaryTine is a very handsome student and cheerleader in college, while Sarawat is one of the campus’ most popular guys and is also … Continue reading 2gether: The Series – เพราะเราคู่กัน

Wait in Beijing (2020) 我在北京等你 End Recap

Wait in Beijing 我在北京等你 A story revolving around two people with entirely different lifestyles whom through constant bickering find that they are more similar than they think. As their careers rise and fall, an eventual romance ensues. Xu Tian is a Chinese-American orphan who lives in Brooklyn. His neighbors have become his family and ever since he was young, he has always dreamed of becoming a lawyer who fights for the poor. Sheng Xia is a young woman from China studying abroad in the United States. She has a passion for fashion design and the heart to succeed. She dreams of … Continue reading Wait in Beijing (2020) 我在北京等你 End Recap

Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain (2019) End Recap

Synopsis: 从前有座灵剑山A story that follows Wang Lu, a young genius, who enters the Spirit Blade Sect and embarks on an unconventional journey towards immortal cultivation. The Spirit Blade Sect was established in the year 4233. Through years of producing martial arts prodigies, it has been hailed as one of the five great sects. As the nine continents face a crisis, a genius by the name of Wang Lu joins the Spirit Blade Sect and comes under the tutelage Wang Wu.Despite Wang Wu\’s beauty, she is hundreds of years in age. Famous for having a sharp tongue and an erratic temper, she … Continue reading Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain (2019) End Recap

The Galloped Era (2019) End Recap

Synopsis:The drama tells the story of the young technician, Chang Hanqing, and the fighting hero, Jin Xing, after the founding of the People\’s Republic of China . It is the story of the R&D, innovation, and development of the new Chinese electric locomotive. The Galloped Era Episode 32 Plot The Galloped Era Episode 31 Plot The Galloped Era Episode 30 Plot The Galloped Era Episode 29 Plot The Galloped Era Episode 28 Plot The Galloped Era Episode 27 Plot The Galloped Era Episode 26 Plot The Galloped Era Episode 25 Plot The Galloped Era Episode 24 Plot The Galloped Era Episode 23 Plot The Galloped Era Episode 22 Plot The Galloped … Continue reading The Galloped Era (2019) End Recap

Flip in Summer (2018) End Recap

Synopsis:To help its students become physically fit, Qingye University has decided to create a diving team with the intention to strive for the nationals. This is a story about young men and women who are part of the school diving team. The cold and prideful Xia Wen Xi signs up for the team together with the wild and unruly diving prodigy Xiu Ye. The two boys clash immediately to create a terse relationship. Tao Le Si who comes from a poor family but has a bright and bubbly personality also joins the team. When Xia Wenxi\’s good friend Gao Gong … Continue reading Flip in Summer (2018) End Recap

Beautiful Time With You (2020) Recap

Synopsis:A story about an adorable post-95 girl who thought that she struck gold sitting next to the class genius only to find that things don’t go as planned. After transferring to a new school, Lin Xing Chen becomes seatmates with Lu Yi Bai. Lin Xing Chen keeps running into trouble yet her experiences in the past help her stay calm in the face of adversity which Lu Yi Bai finds puzzling. Since then, the unlucky Lin Xing Chen and everyone’s ideal guy Lu Yi Bai grow closer as they chase after their dreams. Source: Beautiful Time With You 时光与你都很甜 … Continue reading Beautiful Time With You (2020) Recap

Ming Dynasty (2019) End Recap

Synopsis: 大明风华Sun Ruowei entire family is killed on the orders of the Yongle Emperor in 1402, though she escapes death after being secretly adopted by Sun Zhong. Sun Ruowei becomes the concubine of crown prince Zhu Zhanji by chance and continues to investigate the truth behind her family’s death. However, Sun Ruowei decides to abandon her revenge plans after realizing how dangerous it would be to destabilise the court for her own personal goals. Touched by Zhu Zhanji’s kindness, Sun Ruowei resolves to become a virtuous empress who can support him in times of hardship. Unfortunately, Zhu Zhanji passes away after … Continue reading Ming Dynasty (2019) End Recap

Untouchable Lovers (2018) End Recap

Synopsis: Untouchable Lovers (2018) 凤囚凰 Tianji Tower, the leading organisation of the pugilistic world (jianghu) is determined to overthrow Liu Ziye, the tyrannical ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. To achieve their mission, Tianji Tower replaces his sister Liu Chuyu with their own disciple and Princess-lookalike Zhu Que. Zhu Que meets the Princess’ learned companion Rong Zhi, who turns out to be a spy from Northern Wei.Liu Chuyu and Rong Zhi’s relationship eventually breaks down over misunderstandings and differing loyalties, and the latter fakes his death in order to regain Chuyu’s forgiveness. Then Liu Chuyu as her memories erased by imperial astrologer … Continue reading Untouchable Lovers (2018) End Recap

The Prince of Tennis (2019) End Recap

Synopsis: The Prince of Tennis (2019) Lu Xia is a tennis prodigy who lived overseas since he was a child with his parents. He has inherited his father\’s outstanding strength and tennis talent. However, trapped under the shadow of his father, Lu Xia only sees tennis as a tool to win over him, losing the passion and happiness in playing tennis altogether. Upon returning to China, he joins in a high school tennis team and met various tennis masters. Here, he begins to realize the meaning of tennis and figure out his own identity as a player. In the process of working … Continue reading The Prince of Tennis (2019) End Recap