Compare WeChat vs. Weibo will invade in China

In parallel Only have some differences And depending on our product type Where are you? From the information of China internet watch stated that Weibo has a very similar proportion of male and female users in the previous 2017 report. Divided into 56.3% men, 43.7% women and more than 80% of the users are from people who are younger than 30 years old. Therefore, the … Continue reading Compare WeChat vs. Weibo will invade in China

What is Weibo communities?

Weibo is not a service name like Twitter or Facebook but it is a definition of sending 140 short messages to Chinese online communities or Micro Blogging in English. The same definition is called Twitter. Which is clear that Weibo is Twitter’s twins. Social Media in China is divided into several sub-groups. If Social messaging App is included, it counts the tools and channels of … Continue reading What is Weibo communities?