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12 Places Things to do in Malaysia

Malaysia is country in Southeast Asia and have neighboring country with similar culture around such as Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia Distinctive identity. For travel to Malaysia as a country with variety of culture and […]

Lake Yamanakako, Japan

Lake Yamanakako is the largest lake among all 5 lakes around Mount Fuji. Located in Yamanashi Prefecture Japan. This lake is 982 meters high and has a depth of 13.5 meters. The […]

Chiang Mai Zoo, Thailand

Chiang Mai Zoo located at 100 Huay Keow Road, Suthep Sub-district, Muang District, Chiang Mai of Thailand. The zoo is divided into three zones and offers many kinds of activities for the visitors. […]

Review Jia Shi Coffee

Jia Shi Coffee locate in No. 51, Qinbi Village, Beigan Township, Lianjiang County of Taiwan. Welcome to make an appointment: 0836-56669. This will make you feel at home. The ancient style of […]

Sanmachi-dori , Japan

Sanmachi-dori or Sanmachi Street. This street is still a completely old landscape, a country with a traditional Japanese atmosphere. Folk crafts, food and tinkle of the Japanese style As though it had […]