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China Basic Information

Name of country: Republic of China (PRC) or China or 中华人民共和国 or Jong Hua RenminLargest city: ShanghaiOfficial languages: ChineseGovernance: State, political party, socialism– President Jin Ping– Prime Minister Li KeLegislative: National AssemblyFounded: Founded October 1, 1949Currency: Yuan […]

Information about Sweden

Sweden (Kingdom of Sweden or Konungariket Sverige) is the Nordic countries are located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe, west to Norway. North to Finland and the Skagerrak in the south-west […]

Basic Information of France

History of FranceThe word “France” comes from the Latin word “Francia”. Frankland and many theories assume the origin of the word Frank (Franks), one of which is the proto-German word Frankon, which translates […]